Allow Access to WiFi settings for Wyze Outdoor Base Station

@afshin sorry I misunderstand. I like that idea too.

@afshin , @phreebsd and @phillyphotog Hit the vote button on this please. Currently it just shows my single vote.


This would be a nice enhancement for those of us with more than one base station. :+1:

@phillyphotog, you forgot to vote on your own WIshlist item.

@nockam Agree with your closing comment fully. I likey would not have purchased if I had known backbone would be a competing WiFi network, especially one I can’t control. Target market is smart home enthusiasts, right?


RIght now it is on full power channel 11 and creating interference in my 2.4G network. I would love to be able to change the channel and set the power to medium to reduce conflicts.


I have a first gen Google WiFi mesh. It’s been solid since install. Recently I’ve been having connectivity issues with a lot of devices. The only change I could think of was the addition of the Outdoor cam and base station. I unplugged the base station and my network returned to normal.


Same here. But you can’t use the outdoor cam without the base station, can you? I have been really disappointed with the outdoor cam :cry:

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I should note, I also had to turn off the Outdoor Cam to restore my WiFi network

Did you turn your outdoor cam back on? If so, are you still having WiFi issues?

I agree on all of this. They should also add an option to bridge the base station to your current wireless network. Turning off the base station wireless all together so that you can utilize your current wireless infrastructure, while still allowing you to record video to the SD card in the base station. Thoughts?


Adding a vote specifically to allow hiding the Wyze ssid wifi network asap. I really dont like having it out there.


I support all of this, ability to change channels, limit power, bridge to my current network. etc.

I’d love to have my channel 11 back because it is pretty much the only free channel in my area because 1 & 6 are clogged.

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All these issues need addressing, this base station seems to be the weakest point in my home network.


I should have posted to this thread. I do have additional inquiries into support

I live in a crowded area and the default channel the Wyzecam outdoor uses is interferring with my neighbours wifi. Is there a way to change the wifi channel it uses and if not can we have one?

I reached out to support on this recently and still think the answer is NO… Support did hint that it could be changed if you were starting out from scratch but didn’t see anything else to back this up and with a working deployment I didn’t have time to test it out.

Has anyone with a recent WCO base station deployment seen any option to define the channel for WCO cameras to attach to?

I totally understand… an AUTO/Dynamic setup doesn’t cut it…I need some manual control myself… they would sell another base and 4 cameras if they could provide me with this.

I would love it if I could setup or change networks without having to use a wired ethernet cable. I can’t remember the last time I owned one. It would be very helpful for traveling.

I can’t even connect my hub to the WiFi form Ethernet after this last update.

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Anyone ever confirm if a new setup can use a different Wifi channel than 11?

When the Base Station is connected to the router via Ethernet, the Wyze Outdoor Cams will connect to the Base only on Channel 11. Wyze should allow us to change that in the app.

If you setup WiFi on the Base Station for its backhaul, after you disconnect its Ethernet cable, the Base Station will essentially act like a Repeater. The Outdoor Cams will connect to the Base on the same channel that the Base connects to the Router.

In the future, I may move the Base to a location that suites it a Repeater and can serve the Outdoor Cams (Base’s Ethernet disconnected).

Until Wyze allows us to change that channel, I will keep the Base connected to the Router via Ethernet and set the Routers 2.4GHz to either Channel 1 or 6.

In my current environment, I’ll keep the Base plugged into the Router (Router’s 2.4GHz setup for Channel 1) via Ethernet. I would like to configure the Base to use Channel 1 or 6 for the Outdoor Cams so the Router can serve my main 2.4GHz clients on Channel 11.


Change wireless channel on Outdoor Camera base station

I like to keep my home networks manageable and in separate WiFi channels that do not conflict. The base station offers no ability to tell it what WiFi channel to use. This is not good practice for WiFi standards.