WCO SD card recordings blurred out in app

When i go to my Scheduled Recordings folder in the app, almost all of my recordings are blurred out so I cannot see what’s on them. If I download them they clear up, but some are clear before I download them. Another gripe I have is there is no time stamp on the recordings.

Yes, a Timestamp would be really helpful in knowing which event we want to download or look at. Right now you have to kind of skip around to locate the right event if you’re using it to record events.

I think the reason they didn’t originally do this is that it wasn’t originally intended to be used this way. The SD card was mainly for scheduled recordings like of a planned event or for timelapses, etc. Then they later added this scheduled recording feature that would only record motion events instead of continuous recording. Now that the feature is there, it would be nice if it could have a timestamp to help us figure out which event we wanted to download and view.

There is no time stamp on the SD recordings or the preview that is blurred out?
If I record scheduled events on my version 1 WCO it will show a date/time below the second timer on the bottom right. I have the time stamp turned on in the cam settings, I am using the iOS app.

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Interesting. Which Phone OS and app version are you guys using? I wonder if it is a recent app bug on one of the OS’s.

On the ones that are not blurred out, yes I can see the time stamp from the file picture. But the majority of my files are blurred out as shown in my picture. I just got the camera, so I am new to the WCO, but I have several V3’s.

Samsung S22+ with Android 13, Wyze app 2.38.1 (161). WCO v2 firmware

As I stated I have the Version 1 WCO on firmware Using iPhone SE 2020 with iOS 16.3. WYZE app (iOS) 2.38.4 (3)

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