Where Are My Outdoor Cam Event Recordings?

I am getting very frustrated with my new Outdoor Camera. The design is focused on events, but I can never find the event recordings. Most of the events I am interested in happen during the evening hours (wildlife) and then I want to view them during the day. Last night by accident I landed on a Wyze page that had the event recordings neatly organized by date, it allowed me to share them, etc.

I couldn’t get back there via the normal menus. I think I got there by clicking on an event notification on my phone but those go away once you click.

How in the world do you get to this event recording page? Is it me or is this app only half baked?

Using Android on Samsung phone and tablets.

On the bottom of the app you should see icons labeled Home, Events, Discover, Shop and Account.


Ok. Found it.

I was looking for it inside the camera but it apparently spans other cameras?? devices?

Yes, all cameras.
There are filters at the top right to allow you to chose cameras and/or Person, Motion and Sound.

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The Events tab/button found at the bottom of the apps home page contains all events from all WYZE cameras associated with the account you used to logon to the app. You can further filter the events by clicking the small filter icon at the top. These events are all saved in the cloud. They remain in the cloud for 14 days and then become unavailable.

If you have a microSD card in your base station, a copy of these same clips will be saved to that microSD card. Unfortunately, to view the clips on the microSD card you must remove the card from the base and use some other means to physically access the files.

This is truly insane in today’s cloud world. The app should allow us to view all clips saved on the microSD card in the base. I suspect that this will be one of the first new functions brought to the WCO environment.

After all, the base has power, a microSD card, and is on the local area network, just like v2 cams. There is no technical reason we should not be able to view those clips…other than a rush to release the product.

I agree the WOC has a lot of shortcomings. The rush to release it took 2 years, you wouldn’t think there would be so many things for them to fix later.

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Yup…lesson learned I’m sure. Some day I am certain they will look back and offer an explanation. Right now it’s likely all hands on deck. Roughly 80k units sold for $50…we’ll see improvements.

I see you’re a beta tester. Were you on the WCO beta team? I read somewhere in the community forums that there were additional functions in beta that did not make it into the final release. Is this your observation as well?

I didn’t test the WOC.