Outdoor cam recordings

I have tried recording manually on my 2 outdoor cams. When I view the videos, there are many “blank” spots. Am I doing something wrong? This happens on both cams. I’ve swapped out the micro sd cards, but still a problem. Any help is appreciated.

Are you talking about the Battery powered Wyze Outdoor cam or the V3 wired cam?

Battery powered OC.

I don’t know how you are trying to manual record. If you open the app and open the camera to live view and tap the record icon to start and stop the resulting video is saved to your album on your phone. The only way to record video to the SD card in a WCO is to set it up for scheduled event recording up to 30 days, no cooldown period and a max length video length up to 5 min as long as motion continues. You can also set scheduled recording to continuous to the SD but your battery will go down fast. Explain your manual recording method and what you are trying to do. I have been doing scheduled event recording on my 4 cams for 10 months and they will only record events for as long as there is motion.

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@Antonius You are correct. I took out the sd card from the camera and I was still able to tap the record button within the app. Lo and behold, when I viewed the video, it played successfully! Not sure why when I had the sd card in the camera that the videos came out badly.

I’ve never had that issue but I usually record just short videos (15-20 seconds) with that method.

The manual record button which saves clips to your device has nothing to do with the sd card in the wco. They are completely different functions.

Can you post video examples of these “blank” spots or what do you mean? Did you close the app when “recording”? The manual recording stops when you leave live view or close the app.

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