WCO Scheduled Recording

Hello All,

I just had a “Lights Are On” moment after visiting the Wyze support site. I assumed without any reservations that scheduled recording was directly related to motion sensed recording. It is not. Scheduled recording gives you continuous recording on the WCO. It took me two days to realize that after numerous walk tests, and scratching my head as to why I got 12 second clips regardless of the scheduled record start time. The designed-in 12 second record parcels for saving battery life is what threw me - did not think continuous recording was possible under any circumstances. And this quote from the support site ambiguates things even more: “There is a 3 minute cool down between scheduled recordings.” I still don’t know exactly what that means. I totally get it in regards to the 12 second clips, but manually scheduled continuous recordings?? - not so much; unless it’s referring to the period before the standard 12 second motion activated clips start again. I hope this saves someone else the grief I imposed upon myself. Fortunately, I’m too old to be embarrassed.

Stay Safe,

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