WCO local storage recording

I can never view 24/7 recording. All I get is 12 seconds with Wayze outdoor.
My app is totally different than my friends. I paid for pro and she didn’t and she gets more options than I do. I can’t get anyone to help me either. I paid for 4 1 year of pro and not a sole will help me or I don’t even get reimbursed.
I love the cameras if they actually did what my friends did on the free version. This is BS!

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You said you are using a Wyze Camera Outdoor (battery operated). Is your friend? The WCO is massively crippled in order to preserve battery life. Beyond that, I can’t give any specific WCO details as I refuse to buy any because they are so badly crippled.
There are other users here who can give more detailed answers about the WCO.

Welcome to the forums! I’ll touch on a few things with your post.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) has a more limited local storage (SD Card) recording functions than the plugged in cameras like @K6CCC mentioned. The WCO only has “scheduled recording” which records motion during a set time period to the SD card in the camera, which is not the continuous “24/7” recording that the plugged in cameras do.

I see you mentioned 12 second recordings, so that means to have “Cam Plus Lite” on the camera, is that correct? You stated you purchased “Cam Plus Pro”, do you mean “Cam Plus Lite” or “Cam Plus”? Cam Plus Pro is the professional monitoring service that uses your wyze cameras for alarm response. “Cam Plus” is the cloud recording service that allows full motion clips saved to the cloud for 14 days with several AI options. “Cam Plus Lite” is 12 second clips to the cloud, saved for 14 days and the option of person detection on them.

What camera and app version does your friend use? What app version do you use? Different cameras have different interfaces.


I gave my friend my 1st 2 older cameras because I thought I was upgrading. 5hey are plug in v2 I believe. I have Wayze cam plus. Sorry about that. But like I said I thought I was upgrading and gave away my cameras. I never got them options that’s why I gave them away.
She also has a apple phone. I don’t know if that makes a difference.
Thanks for your reply.

So she has the regular v2, where you have an outdoor camera, I am guessing it’s the Wyze Cam Outdoor (maybe wco V2). Those each have different interfaces. Do correct me if I’m wrong I’m going off what you hinted at above

The app differences between Android and iOS should be very minimal, it’s the different Wyzee devices that have the different interfaces. Without knowing exactly what camera model she has versus what camera model you have we can give you exact differences only differences between the plugin and the battery operated cameras.

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