WCO detects motion, says it's 5 mins long, show still photo in events

I have four WCO’s all facing down a hill, watching for coyotes, raccoons etc.

They are on the same Wyze Base Station

The four cameras , West to East on a line facing north down a hill are named B1, B2, B3 & B4

Events in question in red boxes, notice the 5m, 0s, 5s, 5m & 5m for each event listed

Video showing what is presented as I swipe through these five events:

Anyone else seeing this odd behavior?

As I created these logs, I discovered one camera (B2) does not have an microSD Card in it, and it’s the camera that actually played a video event. The three cameras (B1, B3, & B4) with microSD cards in them… gave me a snapshot of the event in lieu of video

Event Logs for the WCO Base station & four cameras:


I have not checked recently (I took my WCO offline temporarily), but a couple of weeks ago or so I was experiencing something very similar with my WCO, especially the 5 minute events that I could not view despite having cam plus on it. So I can confirm what you are reporting. I don’t recall if I sent in logs or not though. There should be a fix-it-friday event in a couple of days, you should report it then so someone from Wyze is definitely made aware. If you do so, I will upvote it with you since I have experienced this too.

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