Outdoor Cam on Cam Plus only showing still photos

One of my outdoor cams has started only showing still photos. It has been on Cam Plus for many months. It shows up as a Cam Plus camera in my account. Detection is on, Event recording has Detection Motion on, and Smart Detection on. Cooldown is at 5 min and maximum video length is at 12 sec. Not sure when this started but in addition, I no longer am getting notifications from this cam, and yes notifications all on. I power cycled it but that hasn’t helped. I’ve seen lots of posts regarding the thumnail images but those seem to be related to the Cam Plus Lite. Not sure what else to check.

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I’m having the same concerns…sometimes, I can’t even connect even though the camera is wired and 100% internet strength?

First thing that occurred with my WCO’s (I have eight, four in two groups), was they were sending out notifications, but not viewable while grouped in my iOS app.

Taken them out of the group made them viewable again (Still wondering if Wyze is aware of that issue and/or if the issue will be fixed)

But now the issue is not only as you describe, where I’m getting ZERO second events that appear in the events with 0 secs next to them as well as one that showed as 'Live’ when I first viewed the events, and now says “5 MINS” next to it. Opening the 5 MIN event (Camera name: B1) shows a ZERO second ‘snapshot’:

And to compound my WCO pain further this morning.

One Cam record only 2 seconds to stop while motion was occuring:

only to discover multiple 7 second events of nothing visible to my eye in these events:

Camera B2 Log ID: 528648
Camera B4 Log ID: 528650
Camera F4 Log ID: 528652
Camera B3 Log ID: 528657
Camera B1 Log ID: 528656

Firmware on all WCOs: 4.17.4124
Firmware on WCO Base Stations:
iOS Wyze app: 2.29.0 (a25)

Are the wheels falling off the bus?


My WCO is also showing 0 sec events. The others continue to work as advertised. I did experience same as you regarding grouping the cams. That corrected when I ungrouped them until the one started the 0 sec events with no notifications.

One thing I had not tried was to delete the camera and then add it back in. I did that and went through the setup process. It both notified be and recorded a 12 sec clip. I will see how it behaves over the next few days.

Thanks for the feedback and update.

Has anyone figured out how to retrieve these zero second videos? Had one last night of someone trying to break in and this is really inconvenient for what is branded as a security device.