Walking away from WYZE

I am over frustrated with your company and its choices to constantly take away functionality of products I own. I supported you as you built up your brand, setting up friends and family, bragging on your products. No more, It is evident to me now that your business plan will continue to force customers to replace older products that still worked and were bought and paid for. I will send my future dollars to your competitors and look forward to joining a class action lawsuit should someone open one.


I notice you tagged this as being about the plug. If your comment was about the plugs that temporarily stopped working, there was a known service status issue for some of the plugs (I think it was just for the v1 plugs). Wyze announced this on their Service Status page and got a resolution in place for it within just over 1 day once they found out there was a problem with them. They said the plugs did need to be unplugged and plugged back in for the fix to take place:

If you still have any plugs that went offline, try that. If they still don’t come back up, please contact support or post about it in here. Most people I’ve talked to said that it’s fixed for them now and everything is back to normal.

Is there anything else specifically that you have in mind about what functionality Wyze has recently taken away from users who have once had something but don’t now? I think I have almost every Wyze device that they’ve ever made, and I can’t think of one that had functionality purposely taken away that I don’t still have available to me, with 1 major exception that comes to mind: People with Cam Unlimited automatically get all cameras to move to Cam Unlimited and we’re no longer able to remove them manually. This is annoying for some of us, though 99.99% of people would want all their cameras to stay on that unlimited subscription if they have it, I do know a few who want to be able to remove SOME cams from the subscription. Though I can’t really say most people would consider that a loss of functionality, a few of us do.

I’m curious what things you had in mind.


Person detection used to be available without a subscription. I also used to get video clips for my v3 but now it’s just stills.

I agree 100%, I have been with WYZE since they started and they have gone downhill ever since. They have dumped so many untested worthless products since then and they don’t support them taking forever to do fixes while customers suffer. Now they really don’t care about anything but their worthless subscriptions. They hound you constantly and are now reducing features on their cameras forcing you to subscribe. Sadly people fall for their scam. The day they take away the full function with the SD card and their playback 1000s will dump their cameras including me.

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