Subscription only

I just wanted to let you know: Since you have shut off my cameras unless I obtain a subscription. I am moving everything over to “Blink”. I am trashing your cameras. You would have been better served to ask for a one time fee to continue using your system. Sorry WYZE

Wyze has not “shut off your cameras”.
You have the choice of getting Cam Plus or not.

What do you mean Wyze has shut off your cameras

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they don’t work anymore!

if you would provide more context, we can help you

Subscriptions isn’t the problem. I have 8 Wyze cameras all working without Cam Plus.
Like @haddad_287said, if you want help getting them working give us more detail and we’ll help.

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Sorry, My bad. For some reason the camera’s disconnected from the internet. Alls Good.


Thanks for letting us know.

Glad to hear it’s working!

Glad to hear it is up and running again… Almost gave us a heart attack… LOL…
(not that a heart attack is a laughing matter…)

But the cams have been known to disconnect… Wifi is so congested with all the smart devices operating around us all the time…