Wyze Cam Plus trial expired - don't want to continue - now nothing works!

Unfortunately I did the Wyze Cam Plus trial period. It has expired and I don’t want to continue it. But now every device I have - a dozen cameras, outlets, bulbs, nothing is working. How do I fix this?

You didn’t delete your Wyze account, did you? (Sorry, dumb question.)

Nope - I can still log in. Every outlet now has the blue led blinking. Signed out, signed back in fine. Every camera shows as offline.

I have no idea on this one. Hope someone smarter comes by.

Obviously you can try restarting the devices…

I have the exact problem. I got a trial of the new software quite by mistake. I was happy with the other. But now I have no cameras. All of my cameras (9 of them) are no longer listed. What happened?? I can’t imagine redoing all the cameras. I’m old and fear ladders! How do I get rid of the Plus and go back to the regular software??

Ok - In my case it seems to be a weird coincidence. One of the three channels on my wifi router ‘locked up’. The other channels continued working fine. All the Wyze devices were on the locked channel.
Restarting the wifi router restored the Wyze devices. I guess the Cam Plus expiring was just coincidental.


wow. that’s good to know. thanks for posting back with what worked for you!

I’m sure someone would’ve suggested that eventually but it may have taken a bit.

Do I get partial credit for having said “obviously you can try restarting the devices…” ? :wink:

A router’s a device… :slight_smile:

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well played.

i would give you 50% on it :wink: you didnt get marked as the solution. lol

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Me too: The day my promotional cam plus trial ran out, camera is intermittent and freezes every 3 seconds. Restarted many times, pulled power,… same results. IF IT’S REQUIRED TO HAVE CAM PLUS, TELL US WHEN PURCHASING. BATE & SWITCH SCAM!!!

Welcome @Tbn808!
Cam Plus is not required to view the camera livestream. What type of camera is this occurring on? What firmware version is the cam on? What version of the app are you running? Are you accessing the stream over WiFi or mobile data?

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