Long Time Wyze User.... no more

This post probably will get deleted… but anyway.

I have been a long time Wyze user from V1, now have some V3… but that about to change.

Bought my first Eufy camera, while also not perfect, so far i’m not being pressured every day to sign up for monthly plans, Its crazy how Wyze changed over the years.

Reliability of Wyze cams also seems to be decreasing.

Wyze, you really should open up your cams to be able to have remote access with full RTSP support and forget this annoying push to get more money out of customers.

Charge a bit more for cameras, but give the options to the users.

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No guidelines broken so it will not get deleted.

We continue to work on the reliability of the cameras, As far as RTSP I will pass your feedback up to the teams.


Really? BecUse I’ve been a user since cam pan v1 And camv2 first came out, and if you take a step back , and look at how things have “progressed” overall, it’s clear that the focus shifted DRAMATICALLY from enhancing users’ experience and the reliability of the products, to monetizing your user base by pushing for conversions to the subscription model. One moment we were seeing person detection added as a feature upgrade, the next moment you were literally removing it and saying we’d have to subscribe to get it back. Yes, after backlash, cam plus Lite was established, probably when your legal team saw that if users sued, the removal of person detection would not be defensible in court. But cam plus lite is deliberately poorly integrated, and the entire user experience is a funnel to subscribing to cam plus and monitoring services.

And wyze was quick to ensure that cam plus lite could ONLY be used on devices that had free person detection removed from them. There’s ZERO technical reason why the newer models can’t support cam plus lite. They are deliberately excluded from the service, simply because there’s no legal reason wyze would have to include them, since those devices were never marketed as having that free feature. I believe this is a good window into the attitude of wyze towards users,

As for reliability, it has gotten worse not better.

From a financial perspective, it is a known fact that wyze was in a dangerous position around 2020 (I don’t recall exactly the year) and the push to convert your user base into subscribers was a response to that financial situation, and saved the company. These are facts, and there’s nothing inherently evil about any of that, but it’s really hard to listen to wyze spinning their own narrative, and supposedly prioritizing the outcome for end users.

By the way , for the past 12 hours or so, my cams are all offline. And my internet is fine, without any other service experiencing problems.