Long Time Wyze User.... no more

This post probably will get deleted… but anyway.

I have been a long time Wyze user from V1, now have some V3… but that about to change.

Bought my first Eufy camera, while also not perfect, so far i’m not being pressured every day to sign up for monthly plans, Its crazy how Wyze changed over the years.

Reliability of Wyze cams also seems to be decreasing.

Wyze, you really should open up your cams to be able to have remote access with full RTSP support and forget this annoying push to get more money out of customers.

Charge a bit more for cameras, but give the options to the users.

No guidelines broken so it will not get deleted.

We continue to work on the reliability of the cameras, As far as RTSP I will pass your feedback up to the teams.