VOIP Calls wont work

I just enabled VOIP and whenever someone rings the doorbell a screen that says “Calling accounts” Pops up and it doesn’t even give me a notification. I have a Samsung tablet that has a sim card but is unregistered. Any help?

Welcome back @akagames!

The VOIP function in Wyze requires an active “Calling Account” to be in place for it to connect. Because Wyze is initiating a Video Cellular Call to the cell number on your account\app, the receiving device has to have cellular calling service to receive that video call. The VOIP function is from the Video Doorbell to the Wyze Servers. The Wyze Servers then translate that into the Video Phone Call and ring your phone w\ the app installed.

If your tablet doesn’t have an activated SIM, there is no cellular service for the call to go thru.

Not sure there is a workaround. Perhaps someone else has dealt with this.

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Oh ok. Thanks!


I thought I remembered @carverofchoice getting this to work with Google Voice on a non-cellular connected device, sorry on mobile at the moment so didn’t read all the way through this but check out this thread.


Any suggestion if I don’t even get any VOIP call dialog at all? I have VOIP turned on, and this is on my phone.

What OS?

Android, I do get the motion notifications.

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Motion Notifications are not related to VOIP.

With the VOIP enabled within the Wyze App, have you verified your Phone App settings for Calling Accounts have enabled the Wyze Doorbell Virtual SIM?

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Go to the dialer app and click through the dialing accounts settings until you find Wyze. Enable it. No idea why it’s disabled by default or why Wyze doesn’t tell you to enable it when enabling the voip setting in the Wyze app.


@junkfro @SlabSlayer That was it, really stupid there’s no check for this. Normally when an app needs special permissions and such it’ll link to where you need to set that setting. Maybe this calling accounts doesn’t work like permissions.
Anyhoo, for my Samsung, here is the needed setting:
Dialer->(…)->settings->other call settings->calling accounts->Active calling accounts->enable wyze.

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I suspect that there isn’t a specific link thru to the phone app settings because they are all different depending on the type of Android phone you are using, your OS Build Version, and the particular phone app you choose.

For example… Dialer? What is that? Never seen it. Never used it. My Android doesn’t have that.

My device uses “Phone” by Google. The path is Phone>Settings>Calls>Calling Accounts>All Calling Accounts>Wyze Doorbell (enable toggle).