What is VoIP in the Wyze context?

I’ve read several mentions here in the forum about VoIP calling. I know what VoIP is (voice over IP) and have designed and administered a few Asterisk PBXs for some organizations, but I don’t know anything about VoIP in the context of Wyze cameras. What’s that all about and where can I read up on it some more?

Individuals wanted a method to be notified when someone rings the Wyze Doorbell with a method of getting directly to the call or Device. To ensure there was a different sound, Wyze Provided the VoIP option. So when you press the doorbell, your phone will get a VoIP call, if you answer the call, it will start the app and bring you to the Live Stream of the doorbell so you can speak with the individual at the door. If you cancel or decline the call, then the process is cancelled.


Thanks, @spamoni4. So, what do I need to do so my Android phone receives VoIP calls?

Go to the App, select Account > Notifications> Push Notifications > VoIP then turn it on

You will then need to keep your App up and press the doorbell and accept any of the popups for calling.

That should be it.

Here is a link I posted on setting it up:

There were some issues, but with the last couple of updates, things seemed to have gotten worked out. So don’t get discouraged.


Yeah, I thought I might need to install a VoIP app on my phone, but evidently not…

I enabled VoIP and then pushed the doorbell. I got a phone call on my phone and answered it. My WiFi router picked that moment to crash and disable WiFi, requiring me to cycle power on it. Re-established the WiFi connection to my doorbell and after that I was able to receive the VoIP call without my router crashing.

I press the button, and from one to several seconds later, the call comes in (sometimes there is a LONG delay). I answer it and the normal phone call screen comes up and immediately I get “Call Ended” followed by the doorbell cam coming up. But, audio to the doorbell doesn’t seem to be working. Will trouble shoot that for a while.


Seems like you are close to being there. In the Doorbell, make sure you tap the speaker and Mic so those are on. I believe they are working on automatically turning them on.


So far I haven’t been able to make audio work by tapping the microphone and the speaker. It appears related to having Power Saving mode turned on. So, steps are…

  1. Someone pushes the doorbell button
  2. A while later, sometimes as long as 20 seconds, I get a VoIP call.
  3. Answer the call, a few seconds later end up on the Doorbell screen with Power Saving mode on and no ability to turn on the mic.
  4. Realize what I’ve done and take it out of Power Saving mode so I can tap the mic.

I hope my visitor is patient. :thinking:

It’d be helpful of the incoming VoIP call would automatically take the doorbell cam out of Power Saving mode.