View Playback only for one minute?


If I had that many cameras id be the same. I just have 1 V2 and 1 V3!



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I found Wyze support simply didn’t want to know when I suggested it was the firmware update. At the time I raised it, I struggled to find other folk who had the issue, and Wyze claimed nobody else had the problem. At one stage they started erring towards a hardware fault and might have gone some way to replace or subsidise a replacement camera - but then when I pointed out I was out the US, all bets were off.

I went to send them an update to the support ticket pointing out that others had the issue, and that a Firmware downgrade solved the playback problem (and would they please alert their engineering team)…and got an Auto-reply that the ticket had been closed.

Its a sub-optimal customer service culture to say the least.



Hey Grant,
I would try if i could but the camera’s are hanging at the 4th floor and I can only reach them with a ladder. Almost wet my pants to get them off the first time… imagine standing on a big ladder, first stair step, reaching out …

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Hi Nick.
Sorry to hear of your frustration w Wyze support, or lack thereof.

Yes, I forgot you mentioned that cameras are 4 stories up… we have same challenges on our century home installation. Suggestion doesn’t work. Be safe!

Thanks for sharing with the community and helping others!


I too have been experiencing this problem since the firmware update. I wanted to post sooner but struggled to get my account setup on this forum.

I would be happy to assist anyway I can if you want to re-open the ticket?

EDIT: I just noticed this was fixed for me in the latest update

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EDIT: I found another thread where teh size of teh microSD is called out as being important. Mine are all 64 or 128 but it wants a 32GB. I’m attempting to format a 64GB as FAT32 via powershell. Maybe that will work.

I have this issue, with playback from microSD only lasting for 1min at a time and needing to manually skip into the next 1min. I was able to revert the FW on my V3 cams and they are now fixed. But I try to follow the instructiosn for the V2 and its nto working.

I have grabbed FW version from the link provide in earlier posts. I have formatted the microSD using the camera itself. I have dropped the file in root and renamed it to demo.bin.
I hold the setup button and then power it on while holding the button. It never turns blue. I goes solid yellow then goes ding and starts saying “ready to connect”. I am not letting go of the setup button the whole time.
I decided to follow the setup after that and it is setup again but has the same broken FW version.

Same issue as this thread? This one has me scratching my head - Playback video pauses at every 60 sec mark - #68 by lumin

This issue exists for us too. We have 2 x V2 cams on the latest firmware (

We live in Australia, time zone GMT+10/11 TZ, mains power is 220-240V, 50Hz.

Wyze users have been complaining for weeks about this

to reproduce: use a non negative GMT timezone as per below threads