Playback not working

Hello everyone. I went to look at playback on my cam for my front step. The timeline shows up with the motion showing up as the blue lines but when I scroll to a blue spot the video stays frozen and doesnt move. This just started happening. Just wondering if anyone has expeienced this recently and how you fixed it.


I am having the same issue

Same issue with mine. At times it seems to work properly and then at times won’t play back at all. Not sure how to fix it other than wait for a new update to see if it gets fixed.

Mine is doing the same thing. Yesterday(12/28) playback stopped working around 2p Central and I noticed it would have a few blue lines and I would go to the area but it would freeze also and not play. I tried to format the sd card, reset the cam, delete the cam, and even uninstall the app but it still was doing the same thing. So, that’s what I was thinking also…to wait for an update to fix the issue. Hope it is soon bc I rely on the continuous play everyday more than the events.

Mine is doing the same thing since two days ago. Can’t view playback at all. Anyone have any updates on this?

I sent the support team a concern about the issue. Hoping someone contacts me soon.


I noticed the same problem this morning. There may be a pattern.
When I view the still active recording I can reposition anywhere back to the beginning and it will play correctly with the correct time stamp. From 10AM to current it is fine.
I turned my camera off at 9:00am and back on at 10am. It had been on overnight so there is a recording overnight. However, If it try to view before 9AM, it will not position the viewer so I can not see anything prior to when I turned it off at 9am.

This is something new…

having same issue I believe. Try this to see if this works for you all as well.
When trying to view playback move over an area where video was recorded as if you wanted to view the playback. It won’t playback, so click on the settings gear for that camera in the upper right corner. Once in settings just hit back to return to the playback cam screen. It will re-establish connection with the camera and may start playing back properly. I am having playback issue and this seems to be a work around I have found.

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Same exact issue. Haven’t found any workaround and changing microSD cards doesn’t solve the issue.

thanks, this worked for me!

Same here. Replaced SD cards, restarted cams, further troubleshooting. Right now playback is useless for me on both cams with a bridge (i thought that might be an issue) and cams without a bridge. Sometimes it will work once or twice after a restart, maybe.

literally just tired the workaround that [eliteconcept] describes and it works… might want give it a try until they resolve

Thanks for the help and all the responses. That tip is also working for me. I also find clicking on either arrow by the timeline works instead of dragging on the timeline with my finger (on phone).

I’m also having this problem on a Samsung S10. Hopefully Wyze is working on a solution. Do they even monitor this forum?


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Hi folks, same/similar issue here. Able to connect to cam for live stream and then to playback menu just fine. Unable to actually play any recordings on the SD card (as is indicated by the blue markings on timeline). If I go to “events” I am able to play the cloud-recorded 12-second clip. If I click the “playback” button from said clip, it’ll get to phase-3 of “retrieving video” and eventually time-out. At that point, unable to reconnect to the cam for ANY function for a few minutes. Rebooting, hard-resetting, and re-formatting SD card has not resolved this.

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How far away is the cam from the router, I have that same issue at times but only with the cam that is furthest away, if I move it closer the issue goes away.

Cam is probably 40ft from my AP. There are walls in between, but using a Unifi AP-LR, Cam reports 84% signal strength and usually maintaining approx 70-100 KB/s connection. If signal is an issue, it’ll be the antenna on the cam. Through testing I have had a few successful playbacks. I will try moving the cam to a higher vantage point and re-testing.

I have actually had better luck with the router higher than the cam. It sounds like you are maintaining enough of a signal though if it is maintaining 70-100 KB and not dropping out in live view.

Same issue happened to me , I don’t know how to fix it!!!
I’m using wyze cam V2 version v2.7.19 on android device

Hi all. Here is a search link of the support articles with using microsd cards with your cameras. You may find the solution to your problem there.✓&query=microsd

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