Can't View Playback

I set up 2 new V2 cameras yesterday and am having trouble viewing the playback. They both have 32GB cards in them and are set to record continuously. When I go to view playback in the app I can see the blue line that shows the cameras have been recording but when I try to scroll back to view previous footage the view doesn’t update, it just shows whatever the last screenshot was and won’t show the recorded footage. It has shown the recorded footage a few times but then it freezes at the time the motion detector was triggered and I can’t view the activity that happened after the trigger. Most of the time though I can’t even scroll backward, it just stays on the snapshot screen even though i am moving the time back. These cameras are in a remote location so I cannot pull the memory card to view it on a computer, I need to be able to access the recorded video via the app. Any help would be appreciated.

When this is happening, are you getting a good solid live stream view? The playback depends on streaming from the card in the camera to your phone. If you’re not getting a good live stream, then you won’t get playback either.

Yes, the live stream is working fine, I haven’t had an issue with that. The playback seems to work fine if I scroll back to a random time but if I scroll to a time that the motion detection was activated it freezes and I can’t view the event that triggered it. This really defeats the purpose of the camera if I can’t view the events that trigger the motion detection.

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I think I’d try reformatting the card and see if it continues.

Same here. I was notified by motion sensor I can watch the first couple of minutes then I lose about 30 minutes of playback time which just shows the person walking out the door. Can a shared user view or change the playback mode?