Playback not working

[jamiet3333]'s is the quickest workaround by far. This is really irritating and a fairly recent bug. If Wyze isn’t monitoring this forum, do we all need to start emailing support with bug reports?

This particular problem isn’t with microSD cards or routers; it is a regression in the android app.

Basically, if you look at any point in the playback timeline that does not have video, the recording window is replaced with a screen shot of the last live image (same as the thumbnail for the camera on the main screen). When you move to a spot on the timeline that has video, the video starts playing (the traffic counter in the upper-left shows “KB/s” activity and the red line moves through the timeline. You can even hear the sound, if you are recording that.

It seems like the thumbnail never gets cleared from in front of the video and that is what appears to make it look stuck.


Yes! I’m having this same problem on all my cameras. My front window broke today and I can’t see how!!!%%$!%!%!

Connectivity issues aside, the data should still have been recorded to the device’s SD card. I would pull the card and use an adapter to get the video files to your PC.

Also experiencing this same issue. Four different cameras, all identical behavior. Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S8. The previously-noted @jamiet3333 workaround of tapping the forward/back icons enables the playback video to appear.

Over the past couple days I have had more success with playback. No changes on my end, so I suspect the trouble is with the Wyze cloud server. It previously always failed on phase-3 (retrieving video). Phase 1 was connecting to the cam, phase-2 was authentication. The timeout was with moving the video data from the local storage through the cloud server to your app. Short story, I think the cam is fine, your mobile device is fine. I think the hiccup lies within the online server.

I had the same issue over the past 2 weeks in all my cameras (I have 7). I noticed that although the recorded video is not shown (the image is frozen) you can hear the sound from the recorded video. One way to partially fix this is to reinstalls the wyze app. The only problem is that eventually the playback starts freezing again.

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This is my exact problem as well. I can see the blue sections where video has recorded and can hear the recorded sound, but the video is frozen.

Alright, I’ve been looking into this and one of our earlier stage testers had this problem and the new firmware fixed it. So if you want to try out beta, you may want to see if that has the resolution! Though please note that this is also testing the XNOR removal so there is a trade-off here.


It’s a problem with the RTSP firmware as well. I would assume no fix for that…?

Oooh… I’m honestly not sure. I’ll bring this up to the RTSP folks. Have you posted about it in the RTSP thread?

No, haven’t posted there. Thought this might be better since it is a long thread.

I would recommend bringing it up over there. There may not be many folks using RTSP in this thread and that will help us figure out how prevalent of a problem it is. It’s also where the RTSP Wyze folks are paying attention. :slight_smile:

Latest beta updates seemed to have helped Playback. Needs more testing, but previously it couldn’t even connect when I was on the same wifi as the camera, now it’s actually working. Just need to verify on LTE while at work.

Now let’s see some advancement on the pan cam motion tracking…

New Owner and User of Wyze. I am frustrated with Play Back too.
PlayBack automatic play is a bad idea. should allow user to select timeline before playing.
Need a button in the app.

It is very slow in play back like slower motions. take 3 seconds to move 1 sec of clip.

edit: Why is sd card vids needs to go to WYZE server and then come back to users. it is a waste of bandwidth. Athought for WYZE programme designers.

Finally! It’s fixed in v2.8.21. Finalllllyyyyyyyyy! Why that took so long is beyond me.

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Hi ,
How can I download the latest version? Mine is version v2.7.19 .


I guess the new version is a beta version. You need to request beta access in the play store.

Here is the link to sign up for the beta program: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

Running the beta version on my iPad didn’t improve playback.

I an also having playback issues on all my cameras. Will there be a fix soon??