View Playback only for one minute?

Hi there. My problems with my V2 started when I updated my v2 to Do you have a link to the FW that precedes that version?



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FYI and as posted on a similar thread, update 2.37.12 appears to have fixed the freezing at the 00-01 mark for me. I will be keeping a close eye on this though.


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It was SlabSlayer who pointed the location of the topics about the firmware, so all the credits to him.
And yes, sometimes when i think something is on my side it is good to know that i am not the only one and sometimes ruling out options lead to a solution and at least i learn from things trying to find the cure. I kept the firmware on a safe spot, for future use.
Found it here Here it is

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Steve, sorry. Short on time. Still at work trying to get out of here for the weekend:

Hope this helps:

V2 firmware prior to

Ok, think we have all the ducks in a row now. from March 2022


You beat me :slight_smile: I found it here ( March 17, 2022)

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Thanks Nick. Slabslayer had also replied so I’ll have a go sometime over the next day or so. Fingers crossed.



Let us know if it helped you, Again thanks to SlabSlayer, i used the link to the v3 firmware and edit it to /2/ but it is better to set it on google drive like SlabSlayer did because if wyze remove it from they’re servers you can’t reach it anymore.

After downgrading i need to short press the setup button to start the setup again.

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Just for the sake of discussion, I am finding it much more than a simple coincidence that the three users active in this thread with this problem are all international customers of Wyze: UK, Netherlands, and New Zealand… All on 50Hz power.

I am not an electrical engineer and don’t claim to be one. But, when I was stationed overseas, we experienced crazy stupid anomalies plugging our American 60Hz electronics into 50Hz power, even with a voltage adapter. That’s the only reason I suggested that above.

It is entirely possible that the power management routines in those firmware versions just weren’t written for international use. But then again, I’m not a software dev either. :rofl: :man_shrugging:

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Hey Nick,

Once I figured out the how to do the process of manually flashing the FW (there are minor differences in the advice on that actually can trip ya up), I completed the downgrade and so far it’s looking like the issue is resolved. I’ll give it 24 hours and if it still looks OK, I’m going to update my Wyze support call.

Thanks for your responses.




Hey Slabslayer

I completed the downgrade and so far it’s looking like the issue is resolved. I’ll give it 24 hours and if it still looks OK, I’m going to update my Wyze support call.

A huge THANKS for your help. I might need to do the same with my v3 but I’ll hold off as that cam is in a location that doesn’t get a lot of work.

Cheers and thanks again.


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I accidentally deleted the original post, and I can’t seem to undo my delete, so I probably messed up several posts - sorry about that…

But here is a corrected version - there are a few newer firmware versions that could be added.


Ooof! :man_facepalming:

Didn’t mean to make more work for you.

But thank you for compiling the list again!

I will bookmark this one. :+1:

No worries. I just copied and pasted from my original text file that I had saved locally, then changed the link for 131.

But I’m sorry that you might have to go update all of your posts that link to it.

Can you lock it so that I cannot mess it up and accidentally delete it again? :wink:

No. I don’t have those privileges.

But, after deleting a post, you should be able to restore it by pressing the “circle arrow” in the lower right and then edit it.

I agree with you when we talk about the 50Hz, but my “logical thinking” say that the usb adapter convert AC to DC so the output must be the same for every adapter and the 50 of 60 Hz is only for AC, it is no longer present at the output of the adapter because that is DC… I dit search for this and connected it on a powerbank so it was no longer connected to the main power, but that didn’t solve it.
With ac power at 50Hz the adapter switches polarity 50 times a second ( going from +230V to -230V) but in DC there is no switching so no Hz at all at the usb side.

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Hi Everyone,

Just an update from me. After flashing back to I can confirm that my V2 is behaving much better on Playback. Only once has playback stalled on the 1 minute mark…i’m putting this down to some gremlin at the time rather than an ongoing issue.

I suppose the next thing to consider is when (if) a ‘latest’ version does not have the playback bug.



I just don’t upgrade anymore, if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it…

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Hi Nick,

Yeah that is tempting, but some new functionality or other improvements can be attractive.


Yes but until then I don’t update, the help on this forum is great but with all respect I don’t trust the firmwares, we now have a “cure” but we don’t know the cause… I rather don’t want to brick $ 600 worth of camera’s

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Clearly it appears to be an issue w the later firmware or process by which it was installed.
Hopefully Wyze software engineer are investigating and re-working a fix (likely for newer release).

I’m curious… what would have if you upgraded one on your .131 firmware cameras that is working to the .139 level… I’m thinking that process of installing new firmware and reset may have cleared corrupted files or leftover files from prior upgrades… so starting fresh at .131 may have fixed this … and it will work now on upgraded .139 version. If it doesn’t, clearly issue w .139.

This may allow you to access security and other updates while still fixing original problem.

Could try with one camera… if doesn’t work, you have experience to revert back to .131.

Recommend updating to any new post-.139 firmware one at a time and test for a while before committing.

As comment to Wyze… why not post older versions of firmware to allow customers to test and fix issues (as workarounds)… better community support.

:slight_smile: Grant