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What?? You are being too accommodating. I thought RTSP might be a decent CamPlus candidate (not a popular opinion), along with SMS notifications as that costs money, but charging for a web viewer that should be a no-brainer stock feature? Ridiculous.


Another long awaited improvement hidden behind the pay wall.
Good work Wyze. Crap on the people that got you here.


My comment was more general (which is why it was in the main thread and not a reply) after seeing a number of posts by people on here about using apps and emulators on a PC. I thought that because this thread is long, a lot of people will not read all posts, so it’s good to emphasize the request occasionally.

As for security cameras, I know they aren’t the traditional security cameras but Wyze do tout them as such. I saw a Wyze add just this week saying “Looking for security cameras?” :rofl:

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This thread is 2,230 posts and three years long. I’ve read every post in it. At no time did it even cross my MIND that Wyze would charge for this overdue elementary feature if and when they ever actually delivered it. Guy’s got cojones.


Yeah, I’m disappointed. I never thought it would be a pay to play feature either. It shouldn’t cost them any more than people using the app costs, so why charge for it unless there is really something extra special that is costing them that we don’t know about yet somehow.

It makes me think only individual cams will have browser access then. While it shouldn’t be charging at all in the first place, if they are going charge for it, I would prefer that the requirement was anyone with a single cam plus subscription would have everything accessible through a browser, like it unlocks the browser app so I can control my Wyze bulbs and stuff too (similar to how having any cam plus unlocks the cheaper prices on some products like cams…maybe they will have cam plus unlock the entire browser control, not just cams…IDK though).


If Wyze do not use on-chip hardware TLS, it is possible to get the stream from the router. The problem is, you need something like WireShark to play around with and get the parts of the stream that are relevant, and to do that you need the stream being fed to a computer…unless: you have the equipment to dedicate an AP and VLAN to the experiment. Then you can have the Wyze app use the dedicated AP, have that AP on it’s own VLAN, and route all VLAN data to your PC…where you’d have WireShark running.

I know it’s possible because I watched someone do the same with the Ring doorbell stream (which sends the live feed to the cloud, and what you view on your mobile app is from said cloud (AMZ)).

It’s a long video, but worth the watch:

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This should not be a pay to use feature. I understand that using potential could software to use the web feature could cost the company extra, but charging extra is honestly just sad. I’m a legacy user as I’m sure a lot of us are. I have 15 Wyze items now with more on the way. I only have 1 Cam Plus sub.

I feel, as mentioned before, that if you already have cam plus, it should be included with no additional charges, if they do plan to charge. I was fortunate enough to be “grandfathered” into person detection. I don’t gripe about hardly anything with the company and have stood behind them for a very long time. There should be enough money being made on the continuous release of new products that this should not be an issue.

I have also gotten 4 other family members started with company who have multiple products as well. I understand that they are a company, trying to make money and succeed like any other. But, they have definitely strayed from their roots. I will still be loyal, but only to a degree as they progress in their business plan…Sorry for the rant, but I feel it needs to be said and seen.


I said they would do this years ago. Now look. The cam plus is a scam. The DVR boxes on amazon have an app and object detection and you dont need a subscription for it. I will never buy another one of their cams.

I feel screwed as a huge early backer. I was really hoping they would do the right thing, Their false words were only a ploy to steal business from other companies.

$25 a year per cam and it breaks the cams not on wyze plus. The dvr boxes are less than $25 a cam and they offer all that in the one time purchase price.

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THS “Typical Horse Stuff” unfortunately.

Wyze, will you replace my black V1 that bricked with your latest firmware update? Just send me a confirmation and send it to me At the address on file

Am i looking in the wrong place on my Alexa app on my Windows 10 Laptop?:


Nope that’s what I and a lot of people are getting. It worked fine for rhe first day or so (a month or two back).

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Interesting, I never tried from my PC before, just the app on my phone. Are you saying you used to be able to access camera streams on your PC this way? That would’ve been cool.

Yes. It used to work - IIRC, you could only stream one camera at a time, but it worked.


This will likely be a paid/subscription feature: "I'm Wyze Cofounder Dave Crosby - AMA!" - Reddit Summary/Compilation

Part of CamPlus: "I'm Wyze Cofounder Dave Crosby - AMA!" - Reddit Summary/Compilation


Yes. Discovery and discussion starts around here.

Wonder if it broke for everyone. :frowning:

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Amazon Alexa on m iPad Pro 12.9… at least it works in LANDSCAPE MODE !

Different status message on the iPad (Wyze - Live View Not Supported), than on windows 10 (Currently cannot be controlled from your PC)


If they do a solar panel I hope it’s better than the absolutely useless one that Arlo sells.

Can you please make a app


It’s on the roadmap but we don’t know when it will happen. I merged your post here.