Video Doorbell Pro Phantom Ring

Hi - thank you for the help on the event recording pause, I’ll try to get on the previous stable version of the firmware.

Tonight I got a new issue - with my video doorbell pro. I just submitted logs.
The notification “someone is calling you” is being sent and an event is recorded, but there is no one outside and no one rang the bell. The sound of the chime is in the event recording, but the chime in the house does not ring for these events. This happened 5 times this evening, never before. The events don’t say motion or person. Very strange.

Thank you

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I don’t have a VDBPro so I won’t be a great deal of help.

It sounds like the message you are getting is what would result from a button push event, but without that button being pushed it may be a device error or a cloud error.

My recommendation would be to do full power cycle on the doorbell if you can. I’m not even sure the VDBPro has that capability since it runs on battery.

Also, submitting logs doesn’t do anything if you don’t give the numbers to Customer Service or someone else at Wyze to look at them. They get thousands of logs and only look at logs on issues they are actively working.

There are other Mods and Mavens who do use the VDB Pro who may be able to help.

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Thank you for the instant reply! As you correctly point out I don’t know how to power off the doorbell since it’s on battery.
I have the log number if they need it.
Thank you!

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I don’t believe there is a good way to powercycle (reboot) the VDBPro. In the app, there isn’t even a “reset” or power off/on option in the device settings like most cameras have.

If this were happening to me, I would first make sure I am up to date on the firmware with version 1.0.68 (open the device then settings, then device info to see it listed there). If already up to date, I would then try to “factory reset” the device as explained here:

Hopefully that will force everything to be set back up to the correct connection and functionality again from whatever that glitch was that you were experiencing.

If the problem recurred after that I would probably reach out to support:

Someone else may have some other ideas, but that is where I would start if I was experiencing this.

(Edit: There is a power button on the back of the VDBPro, but I do not know if it actually powercycles it, or just turns off the lens or what would happen if you hold it down…so I will let someone else discuss that if they have tried it…I do know that it doesn’t work while plugged in)


There actually is a power button on the VDBP.

A troubleshooting step you could take is.

  1. Power the VDBP off (press and hold the rubberized power button on the back of the device, it will announce powering off.
  2. Unplug the chime
  3. Clear the App Cache and close the App
  4. Plug the Chime back in
  5. Power the VDBP back up

Monitor to see if the issue is persistent.


@sharo16 If the above does not resolve the issue, please start a support ticket at Wyze Support and include the log number in that request. If you don’t get an adequate response from support, let us know here with the support ticket number.


Thank you all for the suggestions. I deleted the doorbell from my app, cleared the cache, turned the device off and on and set it up again. So far it is working properly.
Thanks again for replying so quickly.