Video Doorbell Pro - Add numerical (percent) battery charge level

Video Doorbell Pro battery status is just a bar and does not have a percentage making it difficult to understand how much battery is left. It would also be nice if you could see the battery status on the Home Screen without having to click on the device.

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[Mod Edit]: This is currently in testing.

[Mod Edit}: This is released in the 2.32.x app update

Percentage used to be there but disappeared after last firmware update to video doorbell pro. Created a support ticket for this but they were no help at all. This needs to be fixed.

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This is a known bug and they are working on it. Just keep your firmware and app up to date

I recently heard that Wyze said it was removed intentionally, which implies they aren’t intending to bring it back, though wishlists are reviewed by Wyze staff, so if enough people vote for it and show support for the return of this they may decide to bring it back, so I voted for it today myself.
Someone also entered this into the Fix-it Friday event in the Discord section, so I’d recommend anyone with Discord vote on it there so we can possibly at least get an update about this:


I reached out to support about this issue and was told their is an issue with the data that lead to the removal of the numerical percentage, as seen in the screenshot, so hopefully still something they will bring back.


Please update to include the Doorbell Pro battery level in percentage. I use that feature often on my outdoor Wyze cams and don’t see why this isn’t available on the Doorbell.
Thank you

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Please bring the battery percentage back. It is ridiculous to rely on a tiny indicator to determine how much battery life is left. If for some reason that’s not possible, at a minimum, please increase the indicator size.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys, but this doesn’t seem to be something Wyze cares about for us, as they’ve said the removal was intentional. Its odd though as it appears they’re giving conflicting reasons for the removal… I received one fairly different than the reason they gave @heskis1 above.
It’s completely ridiculous why they feel no one needs it and decided to do this. As it stands it’s just useless. However, please see the response I was given on it as part of my multi-issue support ticket for this doorbell involving an issue of it not connecting when pressed as well.
The reason provided in itself is ridiculous as well and I made sure to let them know it’s in no way sufficient and that her statement that most doorbells do not give a numeric percentage is vastly wrong. Even if the numeric percentage displayed was merely an estimate, it far exceeds whatever this sad display of what they consider sufficient with the tiny little, severely inaccurate indicator. If anything is misleading people on battery life it’s this indicator, it wasn’t the percentage!
Hopefully enough will complain though and we can get this feature back.

Please fix this so we can see the percentage, it is ridiculous to expect us to watch an icon and not give us a percentage, I hated it when they did it to my iPhone and now you have done it with the doorbell cam, why not do it with all the devices then. Oh wait you want people to decide when to charge up their cams and make sure they will not go offline when out of town or on a trip.

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Yay! This just got updated to “Roadmap Testing” which means they intend to bring this back in a future app version.

Thanks to everyone supporting this wishlist, and thanks Wyze for listening to us that we prefer having the numerical percentage for batteries.


Why oh why would they take this away? (Yes, I’ve seen their explanation and I don’t agree with the decision). It is important to me to see the percentage to best determine when it is time to sacrifice my front door security while re-charging the unit. That’s a security-driven rationale…which is, sort of the point of Wyze cameras, n’est-ce pas?

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Hello @ebb and welcome to the community.

After this feature was removed we heard the users say how much they wanted this, so it is being brought back and has currently made it back to the beta version of the app and if everything tests fine it should be released very soon.


Thanks for the proactive response, @WyzeJasonJ - very much looking forward to it!

From a cohesive UI point of view, I’d highly recommend placing it into the text on the main iOS Wyze device list like every single one of your other non-wired camera devices :innocent:


I will bring that up to the team, it makes sense to have it there like the other battery devices.


Thanks @WyzeJasonJ - from my POV, it provides the most cohesive UI/UX for the end user :blush:


I totally agree with EBB. Have the doorbell battery percentage in the same format as the outdoor cams, on the main page. Thanks for responding to your customers!



Agreed bring back the percentage!!! Used on a vacation home. Nice to see how much is left. I check my cam 2-3 times a day just to see the view. Nice to se I’m not killing the battery!!


Welcome to the forum @GolfGunn

It’s coming


Battery Number Percentage

Should be a simple request to add the actual number percentage of the battery somewhere in the app for the Video Doorbell Pro in addition to the battery icon that’s on the live view.

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As a software and web application lead developer / product owner, I would say: simple to execute but takes forever to push through the administrivia of the corporate ecosystem. :innocent: