Video Doorbell Pro - Add numerical (percent) battery charge level

This wishlist topic is already in public beta testing.

Note status in beader, “Roadmap testing”.


How long is your cycle for “public beta testing”? I’m not looking to get involved with beta projects. It should be fairly simple and straightforward to display a battery percentage alongside all of the other devices’ battery percentages. :blush:

I hope that this has taken place in the main iOS Wyze device list like I emphasized earlier in this thread for uniformity and cohesiveness’ sake.

Major App releases are usually monthly, give or take. Sometimes more often depending on hot fixes or important things, and sometimes there are small iterations. It really depends. But I personally am guessing this will come out within the next week or so, but you can fairly well bet no more than a month. It just depends when other things in the new release are also ready to go at the same time.

I will also add, that I’ve been testing the fix, and after turning the option back on, it’s working great! I am very glad to have the percentage back!

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I just read (in this week’s Fix It Friday report) that there should be a public app update this week, and I expect it will include this feature. So the next time your app updates (probably by Friday, otherwise early next week), go into the VDBPro settings and toggle on the percentage option.

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Thank you, the percentage is now available via the iPhone app. However, whatever happened to a cohesive UX? In the UI, you are displaying the battery percentage only when you click on the specific device in question, NOT in the main menu like every single one of your other devices offering battery percentage are listed. Why on Earth would you break that organization pattern? You’re just introducing another (be it, minute) layer of complexity to a UX pattern that you, yourselves, introduced in the first place.


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I don’t see the percentage # on the iPhone app yet.

To see the % you need to turn it on in the settings, since it is off by default. Once you do that, at least in the current iOS beta, you see the percentage all of the time without having to view the video like you used to have to do. Not sure how this looks or works in the current Android beta.

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“All of the time” once you drill into the device’s display - not “all of the time” like every single other, non-wired security camera device offered by Wyze - in the main display screen of the app. :nerd_face:

Not a single battery powered thing I own from Wyze shows the battery percentage on the main screen that shows all of your devices. The only battery powered item from Wyze I don’t own is the outdoor cam. Is that item what you are referring to?

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Hopefully this helps, Kal :blush:

Top item in that image = Video Doorbell Pro (offering a thumbnail differing in UI/UX from other devices
2nd item = wired (so no battery percentage but, at least, a uniform thumbnail image size)
3rd, 4th, 5th items = other wireless security camera devices offered by Wyze, all with uniform battery percentage displays in the main screen of the Wyze iOS.

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Thanx. Mine just quit working and I had no idea why because the bar was too small to see. Now that I have updated and plugged in I can see the % but it’s been charging for about 4 hours and is only at 70%. Is this slow charging normal?
I have also lost that tiny screw for the last time. It went into my mulch.

Sounds like your chosen charging method is only trickle charging the WVDBP. Try using a charger that offers higher amp charging and make sure the charger provides enough watts.