Vacuum won't save map

Not sure why my problem with the resetting map solved itself, but it did. And the next update that came made it more stable. There’s another update on its way that is even better. So stay tuned, I’m certain your issues may be related to the issues they’re working on

Download new firmware and it started mapping my rooms.

Vac cleaned rooms fine, However, there is no way to “save” room/ rooms, just cleaned.

Is there a “Save As” somewhere?
I need to recall in the future what areas it just mapped out.
It shows up in my history… but nowhere else.
I’m sorry, this app is just not very intuitive or functional.
From what I read… it should take my last mapping and break it down into sections. Using the latest firmware I should be able to recall and select what areas I want cleaned.

It does not do that!!

Has anyone resolved this issue?

I updated both SW on the app and FW on the vacuum, however, I still have issues with the vacuum getting lost and the progress it made to map gets deleted. I also still have issues with the lidar, and that the home is drawn in angles…and not 90 degrees. Basically causing the vacuum to get lost and not vacuum all the areas it should. I have deleted maps, removed and added the vacuum, and I still have not had a successful mapping of my home. I have had this crappy product for over a month, and have tried to vacuum my home, seriously over 30 times, and only once have I had a successful mapping only to have the vacuum get lost a few days later, along with the map. At this point, I am fed up with the product and have asked either for a refund or a new machine…as mine is definitely faulty.

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Hi @DRESEN.HP Have you opened up a support ticket? There should be a fix soon (tag below) or you may use the ticket to initiate a return.

Wyze Robot Vacuum Setup Issue - 1/25/21

1/25/21 10:00 AM PT - We are looking into an issue that is preventing Wyze Robot Vacuum setup for some customers. We apologize for the difficulty and will post updates here when we have them.


I have sent logs…I didn’t see where to submit an actual ticket in the app.

Hi @DRESEN.HP The logs aren’t reviewed unless associated with a Support Request. To create one call or fill out an eMail request. You should get an eMail reply with your ticket number.

Live support is available: +1-206.339.9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT | Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Or goto: (
You can start a chat session. To get the eMail request:

  • Just fill in a silly complaint (Kiwi ate my homework) and continue with NO answers until you finish the suggestions.
  • Eventually get to “Contact Support” & “EMAIL” prompt where you’ll be able to enter your trouble statement and contact info.

Having the same issues the vacuum maps the floor in various angles and ignores all virtual walls.

Raised multiple support tickets via app and none of them were replied too.

Got fed up with the product and submitted a return request was sent a generic set of instructions to troubleshoot and the request was closed. Extremely disappointed with product.

Update for both the customers and Wyze…I returned my vacuum. I gave it a month to work, trying to map over 35 times, and it just wasn’t worth the frustration. I purchased the Vacuum this one was copied from, and zero issues from day one, great room editing, and both vacuum and mop features!