Vacuum in a Loop

I am on my inaugural use of the Wyze robot vacuum. The vacuum has done quite a bit of the house but has not completed its initial mapping. The vacuum seems to have gotten stuck trying to go around an ottoman and keeps going back-and-forth in an arc of approximately 4 feet. Has anyone had something similar happen? The arc where it is in a loop is where the yellow arrow is pointing on the image attached.

The vacuum finally ran low on power and returned to the charging station. It is not resume the cleaning yet and I’m curious to see if the problem continues.

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Interesting map showing that your vacuum is strangely inconsistent too. You can tell that it started to run around to make a map first, but then instead of mapping everywhere first, it decided to start systematically cleaning one room first, then go back to mapping more even before it finishes cleaning the entire room. So strange…mine has done that several times too.

Let us know what it does after charging. I am interested to hear where it picks back up.

After charging it went back to the area with the arc and got stuck in a loop. I then moved the ottomans around to block that path and it contained on.

Right now I am trying to figure out if after it’s first time mapping, and it did not finish, but it did create rooms, will it redo the rooms on a second trip to correct it or do I have to clear the data and try again?

Once it has the entire map, it should be fine, worst-case scenario, you can probably add a little virtual wall in the middle of the loop to make it go around it.
Maybe even just modify the map, and tell it to divide that area into a separate “Room” right in the middle of that loop spot. Make make it consider the area differently

Mine is doing the same thing today - stuck in a loop next to my couch. I tried picking it up and moving it to another area and it figured out where it was and went right back to the loop again. Kinda frustrating. We’re trying to create the map for the 3rd time over here

@tyleebs @robb411
Can either or both of you guys take a picture of the looping area and whatever it is looping next to? Perhaps we can come up with some ideas as to why that spot causes a loop.

It looks like @robb411 already posted a photo earlier, here is mine. I circled the area it went back and forth on repeatedly.

Thanks. I meant a physical picture of the furnature/flooring.

For example, someone recently found that black marks on their carpeting was causing the issues. The cliff sensors hit the black print on their carpet and since it wasn’t getting light reflected back to the sensor, the vacuum thought it was a cliff, and so it got stuck in some areas because of little black lines messing with the cliff sensor.

Mostly I was curious to see if there was anything similar that could be tripping the vacuum into a weird loop due to the physical layout or colors in some way.

This small ottoman is what mine was looping around. I moved it for the remap so that it could not go “behind” it (only 3 sides available). Would be interesting to remap and see if it does again but it takes most of a day to map due to the size of the available cleaning areas.

Hi, mine did the loop around a coffee table leg for about half and hour and then went back to the dock as it was about to die. I think it is because there is a wave in the rug on one side and the Vacuum kept getting thrown off. what do you mean add a virtual wall?

I haven’t personally tried to use virtual walls yet since I just reset my map every time, so perhaps someone else can pitch in on it, but in general, a virtual wall is something that allows you to edit the map in a way that you can add a pretend wall to the vacuum to tell it to act as if there is a barrier right there.

My theory for a temporary work-around is that if you drew a very small, little pretend wall right in the middle of the area where it keeps looping, then it can no long continue doing that loop. Instead, it will still basically clean the whole area, but will have to go around it in a new, different way that isn’t spazzing out the algorithm to get stuck there for so long.

It is possible that the wave in the rug has something to do with it. I think I experienced a little wave in my office flooring do something similar to my vacuum, though not for nearly as long as is happening with yours.

Thanks for the response,!

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