Wyze Vacuum Running in Circles

On the very first run my Wyze Vacuum seemed to do a good job, but after that (tens of attempts) it seems to just go in circles near its base for 20-30 minutes banging into or climbing the wall occasionally. I’ve try clearing the map, power cycling, moving the base and I have updated to 1.6.97. There doesn’t seem to be anything obvious obstructing the LIDAR sensor and it seems to pick up the room layout in the area its cleaning after a reset. This is on tile. Any tips?

Well, that was silly. There were two foam pieces on the vacuum that I thought were supposed to be there that were actually just interfering with its edge detection and screwed it all up. It wasn’t until one fell off that I saw the “remove before use” written on it. Removing them (unsurprisingly) resolved the issue.

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