Vacation Mode - Allow user selected timeframes and sunrise sunset options

Vacation Mode for the bulbs. It would be nice if the user could choose the time(s) that the bulbs on vacation mode go on. Not just 6-9am and 6-11pm. Additionally, it seems that all the bulbs go and off at the same time which doesn’t make one believe that someone is home since they are in different rooms all over the house.

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Regarding the 2nd part of the request, In vacation mode, the bulbs go on and off at random times and for random intervals within the vacation mode timeframes as described here:

Will only work between 6am-9am and from 6pm-11pm local time

Except, I’m up at 4am, not 6am on work days. And if the idea is to to make it looks like you’re home, then that’s really not doing that.

And turning the lights on at 6am when it is already daylight outside - as it has been - how does that make any sense? Maybe after we’re not in Daylight Saving Time - in about three months.

So the “vacation mode timeframe” is not within the hours many people need.

Thankfully, while I am sitting here in a cabin with a beautiful (albeit rainy at the moment) view of Mt. Le Conte in the Smokey Mountains, I still have 3 Hue bulbs at home set for routines that actually match my normal schedule when I’m home,


Rick, That’s exactly why this topic is in #wishlist, to ask Wyze to make the vacation mode timeframe flexible. But you need to vote for it. Click the VOTE button at the top.


Allow user to select a range of time the bulb will turn on/off while in vacation mode. The current time are a waste of energy as it’s daylight most of the time.


100 % Correct - The vacation mode needs to be corrected.
Vacation mode - **NOT YET ADJUSTABLE **(that’s a hint) allows too much on time - UP TO 8 hours !!!
6-11 pm plus 6-9 am equals 8 hours - many of those hours are during full daylight
Energy Conservation
Please reduce max time ----- ? 4 hours or better yet allow on time to be user adjustable


Wyze bulb Vacation mode is great idea,but it needs time as an option to customized the way the bulbs turn on and off. This will help to space out the intervals.
Also avoid flickering during the day.


+1 … should by like other automated bulbs like LIFX where you can set clock for ON and OFF.

Also, rather than getting into the bulb business and the various bulb derivatives (60W / 80W / 100W / etc), perhaps better to build bulb socket stub that controls whatever bulb gets plugged in and really focus on the WIFI connectivity. Let’s user customize as they need.

Something like @

This same capability should be added to the Wyze Plug for the same reasons.

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Also make the duration that the bulbs are on a parameter that I set. My ideal rule is “Turn on Study Light twice during the period 11 pm and 4 am for 30 minutes each time.


Can you turn Wyze bulbs on and off via Alexa? I don’t have any, and I don’t remember seeing any posts about it.

If they are, you can turn on Alexa’s Guard Mode. It will turn lights on and off according to how you usually do when you are home.

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Yes ya can control bulbs with alexa, and you can set them up in routines and guard mode

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Absolutely need to set hours. Otherwise we waste a lot of energy when it does no good to have lights on. Also, use sunrise and sunset with an offset of so many minutes or hours.

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Vacation Mode should have an option of manually Programmable Hours of operation instead of a fixed Parameters.

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When using the vacation feature to randomly turn on lights I would like it to have the option to only do so when it is dark outside. There is no need to turn the lights on randomly during the day.

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Is Product Management at Wyze listening? There is no good explanation not to have the option for Either/Or 6-9AM and 6-11PM. In it’s current form, the vacation mode option is wasteful (energy) and not useable for the vast majority of users. Why hasn’t Wyze implemented this?

'Cause they’re really busy developing critically important stuff, like cars and handheld vacuums. :unamused: :roll_eyes:

Instead of the app’s vacation mode being active from 6-11 p.m., any chance you can expand the end time until 6 a.m.? Or maybe even use sunset and sunrise? There have been car thefts in my neighborhood, and my camera’s motion detection was triggered after 11 p.m.

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Any dev/programmers out there have any idea why what would seem to be a simple feature enhancement… maybe isn’t?

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