Wyze Bulb - more time control


Just received my Wyze Bulbs, they are very nice. However, I am quite disappointed on three fronts:

  1. Lack of programmability (on at some time, off at some time, with a list as long as I wish). The timer provided on for some amount of time, off for some amount of time is very inconvenient. I’d rather program based on time of the day.

  2. What exactly is vacation mode? Again I would much rather be able to tell when to turn on and off than use whatever times you want to use (which is not clear at all how this will be…). Having 4 bulbs I may be interested in programming some pattern in the house, unfortunately you set things in a way that is not easy to figure out.

  3. How can I make a bulb turn on if a wyze camera detects an intruder?

Thank you.

I am sure you will have some good response and update soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @carlos1wx! Here are is the Wyze Bulb Documentation. Please go through that first to see if it answers any or all of your questions. If you don’t see what you’re asking about there, please then search the #wishlist category first, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, then submit one #wishlist request at a time. :slight_smile:

Edit: found it!

“How can I make a bulb turn on if a wyze camera detects an intruder?”

I have the same question. The user guide says it is possible with Sense or a Cam, but doesn’t tell you how to set it up. Please help!

Create a shortcut for having the bulb turn on and then click the “automate” slider. Then pick your trigger.

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Thanks. And then does it turn itself off,automatically at the end of the trigger?

Carlos W

It doesn’t appear to. this worked to get them to turn on, now need to figure out if there is a timer…i don’t think so at this point.

bummer, without the off (say 5 min after) there is no point to this functionality

Carlos W

There is another thread with a very similar convo. Create a second automated shortcut to turn off the bulb. So far only the motion sensor and the contact sensor have this trigger.

This is the closest I could get to make it work. Too convoluted in my view. Also, IFTTT should get a more flexible programming mode…


Carlos W

I set one bulb up at bottom of basement stairs with shortcuts.
Turns on with motion sensor at top of stairs ,Turns off 15 minutes later, works great

I have the shortcuts working to on/off based on motion but my problem is that it does this day or night. Any way to have it work only during certain hours? Ideally it would adjust to sunrise / sunset gap but that’s probably wishing for too much.

I can’t get vacation mode to work with any of 4 bulbs. I have them all in a group. Do the lights have to be on before starting vacation mode. Either way, I don’t see any lights going on or off in the evening hours. Do the bulbs have to be synced to the time?


I just did not wait long enough. After turning on vacation mode it took about 20 minutes before the first bulb turned on and then all the bulbs came on / off each hour. I put 4 bulbs in a group and now control vacation mode with the single group. Thanks!!!

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I would really also like to have more control over the vacation mode. Right now the bulbs turn on at 6:00 pm and are still on at 9:00 am which is absurd in the summer…

Carlos W

I wish there was sunrise/sunset available in more places within shortcuts. Consider voting for this #wishlist item: Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for shortcuts / rules

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