V3 vs. V2 vs. Axis vs. Hikvision

Interesting, slightly technical comparison. The V3 does very well except in dynamic range.

One interesting finding is the V3 occupies significantly less bandwidth than the V2!


Interesting comparison. Thanks for posting it.
As for the poor dynamic range, you should see what the V3 did with my music synchronized Christmas light show. That was an absolutely brutal situation for any digital camera - and it did poorly (as expected). But take away the light show and the V3 is amazing compared to the V2.

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This is a great post!

I am glad to see the bandwidth differences. I may rearrange my cams’ locations for this now to make sure all V3’s are covering heavy traffic areas instead of V2’s.

Only advantage my V2’s have is Person Detection without Cam Plus.

There are a couple of places I want to do this excerpt that I need the V3’s to have the grid detection zone first. This is killing me that V3’s are still stuck with the rectangle.

Hikvision products are banned ? On many networks because of security risks…

I don’t know about Hikvision, but Axis cameras are industrial grade . They’re in a different market segment, and the pricing reflects it. They are not in the consumer camera market.