V3 better than WCO, though Cam Plus trial proving Cam Plus is not reliable

I purchased the V3 recently. Add a adapter to the light socket in our outdoor closet. Mounted an extension cord, ran in up to the ceiling and down the wall. Used the Wyze V3 USB adapter and cord. Placed the V3 on the base mount of the WCO it is replacing.

Great image and clear recordings. So clear I had to tilt it down a bit to get rid of glare from the sun.

Allowed the free Cam Plus trial to activate. It was too annoying trying to get rid of the pop up offer.

Unfortunately the tags are inconsistent. People tagged as vehicles, and visa versa. For me, a plain motion tag is sufficient though also inferred. Clips are there because of motion.

The V3 picks up cloud shadows a little differently than the WCO, but still has false recordings from them. It does seem to ignore trees moving from the breeze better.

I also IIke not relying on the PIR Effective Area before motion detection starts.

I may test it pointing through a window to see if it works better than the V2 is capable of.

If you point a V3 through a window, make sure the IR illuminators are off, AND the status light.

Not sure the status light makes any difference, seeing it is on the back? My V2 has the Night Vision IR Lights turned off.

I also keep them off on my V3 and WCOs. I do not want to draw unnecessary attention to my cameras.

I do leave Night Vision Mode in automatic.

On the V3, the status light is on the front and it will be visible as an orb near the top center of the image if the camera is flush against the glass.


Thanks. I did forget to go outside at night and look up to see if any lights on the camera are detectable. Good thing with a window is the mirror affect is easy to see, though not always easy to adjust for.

I have currently six cameras that are looking through glass. All are pressed flush up against the glass. that works best from an optical standpoint, but does limit your opportunities for pointing in different directions. I have a bay window on the front of my house with cameras pointed in the three directions. Below is an annotated screen capture from the front yard group. These were all taken from the V3 cameras, but at this time there is also a V2 at each of the three locations. The lower right camera image points out where each of the thee cameras locations are, and I added notes on each camera image as to which camera took the photo. If you look carefully, you can see the two of the white cameras (red and green arrows) in the lower right photo. The lower right photo was taken from the brick column seen in the lower left photo with the yellow arrow. As you can see, I have a large amount of overlap on the images.
This capture was taken while the morning sun was just above the top center of the east camera, and the sun glare can be seen in east and SE cameras.

And yes, the front weed patch (I mean lawn) needs to be mowed - lawn mower is broken…


I face many limitations. Live in a condo. For outdoors, need to keep the cameras behind the balcony railing. It is difficult to route power, but the WCOs are not making the cut.

Hopefully a V3 will be more successful through a window than the V2 has been. Which still limits my objective. I like your coverage pattern.