V3 still detecting motion in area marked as "off" after firmware update

Just updated the s/w this weekend and utilized the nice new way of marking the “on” and “off” areas of my yard…and I CONSTANTLY get notifications of motion in the “off” area. WHY?


It is poorly executed. I spent time on the support chat this weekend with them because mine still misses events. I have a cam looking at a door and the motion sensing got the door opening/closing for the person leaving the building, but not the motion of them arriving at the door, putting a package down to press the bell, pressing the bell, opening the door and walking in. All in the motion zone with sensitivity at 100%

It also misses cars on my driveway.

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I too had my sensitivity set to 100 and it missed events. I mean wtf…the whole point is to catch things that are truly people, cars, etc., and it’s not doing that.
I like how I can change the area in good detail, but it’s just plain missing stuff it shouldn’t, and recording stuff it shouldn’t…ass backwards

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Just because there was motion in the “off” areas, doesn’t mean it was the motion that triggered the event.

Sensitivity at 100%, even pixel-sized changes almost invisible to the eyes can trigger.

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Do you have motion tagging on? The FB group believes that motion tagging box triggers inside of excluded areas. Havent tested myself yet but worth a shot.

To be clear, sensitivity is 100% and it is missing events, not capturing them when it shouldn’t. If it can spot a pixel change, I’d hope it can spot a car

so if it wasn’t the motion that triggered the event, what was it?

No, to be clear, it is SENSING motion in the area’s that are turned off, and it is also MISSING motion in the area’s that are NOT turned off.

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I do have motion tagging on…I will try turning it off and see if that helps. thx

No difference…I think what Wyze did is introduce the new ‘grid’ method of turning off or masking your camera view (which was great), but forgot to actually stop sensing motion in that area. They may have even turned off motion sensing OUTSIDE the area you selected to not sense motion in based on how many missed events I have lately :rage:

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You completely misunderstand what the detection grid does.

It isn’t to stop sending event notification if there’s motion there.

All it does is, stop triggering events if there’s motion there. Motion elsewhere will still trigger an event, whether or not there’s motion within the grid.

If you don’t see the difference, no answer will placate you.

I’m not in any way justifying this method. In fact I complained about it in another post.

But you have to work with what you have. I suggest you propose this change. Complaining alone won’t do you any good.

If it doesn’t stop sending event notifications for the area where I said to ignore, what the ***k is the point of having grid with areas I can turn off?!
Seriously…what’s the point? That’s ridiculous to have a feature that allows you to ‘turn off’ a portion of the grid if it does nothing!
I understand if there is other motion OUTSIDE the area of the grid I turned off that I will still get notifications. [Mod Edit] I’m not [Mod Edit] about motion it sees outside the area I turned off…I’m [Mod Edit] about it seeing motion INSIDE the area I turned off, and it NOT SEEING motion in the grid area that I have turned ON.
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And a friend still wonders why I will not install the Why? thermostats I bought. I don’t want to endanger the family with odd behaviours…

Maybe because motion tagging is turned on?

I tried turning it off…no difference

Same thing with both of my V3’s. Did a test yesterday and positioned both cameras so that the detection area that is “on” was blocked so it could not detect any motion. Both cameras recorded events in the “darker/off” grid zone, multiple times, with or without tagging enabled. With tagging enabled you can see the green box where the motion is occurring, clearly in the “darker/off” zone.

Why is Wyze not addressing and updating this thread???

Come on guys, you asked for this feedback. Where is the acknowledgement if not an action plan???


Not only does it detect and report motion in the “turned off” areas with the new software, but the detection in the “turned on” area has degraded tithe point it won’t even pick up and report me pulling out of my driveway and driving across the entire field of view. Honestly, I think I’d prefer the old version because the detection was better :rage:


I’m experiencing that as well. I’ve also noticed that the image quality for moving objects has become muddled.