V3 still detecting motion in area marked as "off" after firmware update

Agreed…especially at night/low light conditions (not night vision)

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I have to laugh - One of my V2s was not detecting crap much less flagging a person. I started investigating today and the system had inverted the detection zones. I had to restart this camera a week previously and did not confirm the settings. Possibly saved is not “saved” in the cloud. You might check for this as I will from now on. Once the detection settings were corrected, the camera seems to preform normally.

This lack of “on zones and off zones” is to the point where this system is unusable on days when it’s windy. I’m getting notice very 90 stinking seconds…in the area that’s turned off.

:smiley: My V3 also detects everything in and out of the detection zone. That is why I have notifications for AI events only and all other motion events notifications turned off. I really don’t care if it records 150 event videos a day, I just want to be notified of people which it does great.

Same here… This must be a HUGE drain on the streaming resources they pay for… Big money saving fix, (for Wyze), they appear to be missing…

WYZE: any plan on fixing this debacle? It was way better before the s/w “upgrade”…this is worthless now. I hate it!

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I’m waiting for you to give the all clear sign before I buy anything else from these guys. No kidding.

I have 2 thermostats and I’m afraid to install them. :flushed:

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