V3 Starlight Pic

Impressed with the Picture Quality of the V3.

Wanted to share a few pics from the V3. One with IR on, the other using Starlight sensors. It is extremely Dark out with the exception of the light behind my house.

Regular Pic with Phone


Starlight Pic


Yeah, the starlight lens makes it so hard to tell how dark it actually is that I’ve started taking pictures/videos side by side with my phone camera so that there is a good reference point for people to be able to see that it really is a huge difference and it really was very dark even if the V3 makes it look like just before dusk or shortly after dawn.

True. I sent a pic to My Father-in-law, as I converted him to Wyze prior to the V3’s. He thought it was early afternoon. Hard to explain how you get colors when it is dark out.

It’s even more amazing when there’s snow on the ground! When the ground is covered in bright white, my camera won’t even switch over to IR in the dark like it does with just the grass.


When I show or post pictures from any of my V3s, I make to tell people to check the time stamp on the shots. :wink:

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I realize the time stamp. But trust me, it is dark. :slight_smile:

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Good catch on the time… Here are updated pictures… :smiley:

Here is the Picture I took with my Camera @ 8:40pm tonight

And here is the one from the V3 with Starlight @ 9:20pm tonight

I never doubted the times of your pictures. I know how good this camera is. I’ve got over 80 videos of meteors to prove it.

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I realize. But you were correct in that the times should be closer to show how great the picture is. There are individuals who are curious, so hopefully it will help someone.

All is good.

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