How to use the Wyze App

I am new to Wyze and cameras. I just got five V3 cameras. Four are up and running. I don’t know what all the options are in the app and what they do. Is there some place that explains the options. For example: I got a pop-up message in the app that said to turn off the “Night Vision Mode”. Why would you disable a feature of the camera? It said the starlight mode… Anyway, is there a step by step place that explains the options of the app?

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I am not sure if there is a step by step guide, but here is a link I posted to show what Starlight looks like. If there is light around the area, it uses that to enhance the picture and switches to color.

I will see if I can find something. Other than starlight, is there anything specific you have a question about?

Yes. I set up the cameras on my phone. I disabled notifications because I’m home. When I leave I will “arm” or enable notifications. How can my wife “arm” or “disarm” when I’m not around. Can she get the app and use my sign in? I don’t know what sharing is. Is this granting someone permission to control the cameras?

Hopefully the link below will help educate you, but if you have any specific questions I’m sure someone in the community here would be happy to help.

On your night vision question, the new starlight sensor is so sensitive that you may be able to go without invoking the old B&W night vision mode. If you have any outdoor light at all the starlight sensor will allow you to see at night in color. Much better than a false B&W image, where things that reflect infrared well look white or two-tone, like my all-black winter coat. A color description for the cops is much better than calling an all-back coat white or two-tone, lol.

If you don’t have enough light is when you would engage the old night vision.


You can enable or disable notifications by schedule or shortcut Rules. There are also more sophisticated ways if you ever get ready for them.

I usually tell people if they have a trusted individual in their home that they want to have full control of the cameras, just install the app on their phone and give them the main user ID & PW. Forget sharing in that case, it is mainly a view-only mode anyway.


I recommend that you go over to Youtube and run a search on Wyze Cams and/or Using Wyze Cams.

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