V.3 timelapse - evening view of the stars and sky

I am extremely impressed by the starlight capture of the v.3 cameras vs. the older v.2’s. Makes all the difference in the world. Now if Wyze only had a full-frame sensor on their cameras for $19, I’d figure out how to hook one up to my telescope! :smiley:


@pacabill Nice time lapse! What were your settings? I can never seem to make them this neat and this long.

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This is using a v.3 camera (v.2 and Out cam don’t seem to have the starlight ability). I set the Night vision Mode to Off (that way it stays in the natural colors), then use the Time Lapse Setting, setting the start and finish time. For my videos, I’ve been setting the time Interval to 1 minute. If the interval is too long, the video starts to get jerky; too short, and the file size goes up.
I found out you have to have your phone on the same network as the camera in order to download it from the camera into the album. I can’t do this at work, so I need to make sure to download any videos from the night before prior to leaving the house.
I’m hoping to try the meteor shower this weekend, but here in the pacific northwest, we are expecting rain for the next several days.


Very nice! You’ve inspired me to point one of my 4 V3’s to the sky!

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@BadBadger, if you want to be really inspired, point a V3 camera up at the night sky. I’ve got almost 100 videos of meteors. If you have clear skies, point one straight up. You will most like have to pull the SD card and scan the files manually. But, trust me, it is worth it.

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I find that the moon really is too bright on the V3. Looks like the sun!

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I can’t even capture fireworks on a V3. It’s just a blob of white. I’m thinking of putting back the V2 that was there before, along with the V3, just for this purpose.

I wonder what a thief would think about the dual camera setup? Stereo vision? :grin: