Leonid Meteor Captured on new Wyze V3 camera!

I was lucky enough to win a new Wyze V3 camera, which was delivered last week. The camera has amazing color night vision … as well as the ability to photograph the stars.

I was excited to win the camera … and was even more excited that last night, I caught a meteor falling that was part of the Leonid meteor shower … which peaks tonight (11/16 until dawn 11/17).

The meteor appears in the center of the top of the screen just before 3:18 am. It’s quick, so don’t blink.

I hope to capture a more meteors tonight! I also plan on ordering a truckload of these V3 cameras. I’m absolutely blown away by both!

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well caught. as an astronomer I am pretty excited to see what I can capture as well!


that’s so cool


That is really cool and a great idea! Maybe I will have to point one of mine up into the sky during meteor showers (with simultaneous normal recording and time-lapse).

All of a sudden I am now even more hoping the next cam version supports 2K/4K with this cool starlight sensor and faster FPS availability so we can get even better shots.

Do you live in an urban or rural type of area? What is your nearby light-pollution status. I live in a mostly urban area and rarely look for stars anymore because of all the light pollution making so hard to see them.

Hi Carverofchoice! (I hope Prime Rib is what you choose to carve … if so, I’ll be over after the meteor shower, which is supposed to peak tonight.)

I live on the edge of a new subdivision, out in the country. Houses on one side, farm land and empty fields on the rest. So yes, I have little light pollution, including any distance city lights.

Last night, my wife had the idea to turn off all of our inside and outside lights at sunset … and go to bed early. (I’m hoping she lets me follow this routine until Christmas , maybe longer.)

So I placed the V3 (which is inside/outside/plug into electricity) on its back on a table on our rear deck. I also placed a couple of WCOs … which got absolutely nothing.

On the V3, I turned Night Vision Mode “ON” … but turned the Night Vision IR Lights “Off.” I had an SD card in the V3, set to “continuous local recording.”

I still haven’t had the time to scroll through the 12 hours of continuous recording on the SD card to see what else I caught. But I’m putting in a fresh SD card for tonight (11/16 into 11/17), which is supposed to be the peak of the Leonid Meteor Shower.

I’m hoping for another clear night. Glad everyone is enjoying the pix. I’ll post more if I think they are better.


Forgot to say … I had also set up a “time lapse” on the V3. I was disappointed that that caught nothing.

I did wake up at 3 am and live view the V3 and hit “record” while watching the live view and happen to catch a meteor during the 10 minutes I was recording.

This morning, I figured since I caught one during the 3 o’clock hour, I clicked on “View Playback” and scrolled to the 3 a.m time frame and caught the one I uploaded to Captured On Wyze.

I was able to “record” the meteor directly off the “View Playback.” All pretty cool.

I am in love with this V3. Love the fact it’s outside and plugged in so I can record and live view all night long.


Yes, please do.

That is really cool. I’ll still give it a try sometime in my semi-urban area anyway once I get mine. Might have to plan to go camping during a meteor shower sometime instead and run it off a battery (and my phone’s WiFi hotspot link). That was a great idea though.

The real question is…do you still get to make a wish on the shooting star if you see it later on your V3, or is there some live shooting-star wish time limit?

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Sadly the time lapse won’t be good for capturing meteors just because they’re so quick. Time-lapse taking a single picture and then from those single pictures at whatever frame rate you choose the odds are not in your favor.

but with the sensitivity on the V3 turned all the way up using the starlight sensor I don’t doubt if there’s a good magnitude meteor you would be able to capture it

And for “street cred”. Considering the topic, here’s one of the meteorites in my collection :sunglasses:


wish upon a star

I got my wish already by winning a V3 during the day long virtual Wyze Career Day!

The Career Day was a great event explaining all the various types of jobs at Wyze. I hope Wyze is flooded with applicants! I’d love to work there! The event is available on You Tube and Reddit.

While I can’t speak for WYZE folks, I’m lucky enough to be the first non-Wyze person to record a meteor with a WYZE V3 (I think, but maybe just “one of the first”)(ok, maybe I’m the only one who would want to record a meteor)
(But not lucky enough to have a meteor like BAM).


I can tell you you’re not the only one that wants to! Lol

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A couple of more from last night. Hours of looking through footage to find less than a second meteor … but hey, I’m absolutely amazed that I could capture them on a Wyze V3 camera.


Are you sure none of them were UFO’s taking advantage of the meteors as cover?


Very nice! Can’t wait for the ones I pre-ordered to show up. Would have lived to have them for the shower but I’m really hoping to have them up before any aurora show up!


I know … I won this V3 but my “Pre-Order” V3s are still saying “ships in November.”

After seeing how sweet this V3 is, I’m thinking about pre-ordering some more V3s which according to the Wyze Shop page would then be “shipping in December.”

Have you ever thought this Wyze stuff is really part of some master plan to get us to part with our money … uncontrollably. @WyzeGwendolyn is the master mind behind this Wyze plot, I’m convinced!


wait until they release the new Wyze programing.

get ready world for WYZE- INTERVENTIONS! specifically to control impulse Wyze purchasing lol

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@bam Will the Wyze Addiction vaccine be a pill or an injection? But I love my Wyze … so I probably won’t take it … because, honestly, I’m not an addict. I can stop buying Wyze any time I want. My Wyze stuff isn’t interfering with my relationships with family and friends. It’s really not a problem. True, I spend more money on Wyze stuff than I really should or can afford, but we’re still making ends meet. Honestly! @WyzeGwendolyn

actually it will be some sort of animal ( preferably unassuming puppy or kitten) with a laser or electronic control device that “motivates” you to slow spending when you are about to spend this months mortgage on new Wyze toys

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I, also, know that the pain of addiction all too well. My mother was a hopeless alcoholic, cross addicted to prescription drugs. She spent months in various rehab units, which never really helped her for very long. (I’ve mentioned it on Wyze.com several times in the past.) Addiction is truly a sad situation for addicts and their families. But I find it better to laugh. Who knows, maybe someone who needs help will realize that they need help from reading our kidding around. My family is going to have to pry my dead fingers off my Wyze stuff. I’m not giving it up!

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laser or electronic control

Ah, I love that idea. A cute little puppy or kitten that can deliver a huge electric shock to its owner. Very Wyze idea!

I am so looking forward to getting mine! Thanks for posting.

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