Spectacular Trio of Leonid Meteors Captured On WYZE V3 Cam Single Motion Event

On the peak of the Leonid Meteor Showers, I captured a “trio” of meteors (I think) streaking through the sky at 11:49 p.m. CST last night (11/16) on my new Wyze V3 cam in a single Wyze App event.

The 3 meteors actually triggered a “motion event” which was stored under the V3’s App Events.

As part of the day long Wyze Career Day, I won the V3 which was delivered last week. And I posted a few meteors I captured the night before the meteor shower was supposed to peak. But nothing as impressive as this video.

I was absolutely floored when I woke up this morning to check my “EVENTS” and found this trio of meteors traveling on a wide arc across the sky. I was absolutely amazed that the V3 had an all-new Starlight Sensor that could trigger an event so high in the night sky.

Thanks to @Bam for suggesting earlier to increase the V3 sensitivity to max to capture video events. I had EVENT RECORDING toggled on. NIGHT VISION “On.” NIGHT VISION IR LIGHTS “Off”. CAMERA STATUS LIGHT toggled “Off”. CONTINUOUS LOCAL RECORDING to an SD card toggled on. (There are a lot of new settings on the V3 I’ve yet to master.)

I need more of these cameras and am really excited about it! Super impressed with the improved performace.

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDongsheng @WyzeDave @CaptainMark If you want to use this video to sing the praises of the Starlight Sensor in ads or webpages, you have my permission (for some Wyze swag, of course) (ok, really, I don’t need swag!) (But then again, I do wear XL … Wyze sweatshirt would be nice. Maybe a Wyze wool beanie. Some socks. It’s really cold here now) (I since I had to venture out into the cold to place the indoor/outdoor/plug in V3 positioned straight up to capture the night sky) (Hey, they say a picture is worth a thousand words) (Yes, I’m begging.)


Have you seen the socks?

No, I hadn’t seen the socks! But I usually buy a six pair pack of tall white cotton athletic socks for that kind of money! (I’m joking, but the socks are frightening because I own most of the Wyze products pictured on the socks!)

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One last meteor then I’m done listing (or talking) about them. This one is neat because it enters the earth’s atmosphere with a bright flash … on the middle right of the video. It’s quick.


Both of those videos are incredible! So awesome!

The first video is definitely aliens flying in formation… :alien:


That was me flying by testing out the new Wyze drone. Just kidding! :wink:

Wow, totally awesome! Great capture @todwatts well done! :+1:


Could be aliens … but maybe, Carverofchoice, they could be flying pigs … Choice pork shoulders and hams, now that’s something I could get into carving!

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StopICU33 … Wyze drone

You know, I’ve never really wanted a drone … yet when you call it a “Wyze” drone, I’d probably put in an early access order for three of them!


@todwatts, I’ve been combing through hundreds of 1 minutes videos (with 1800 to go), I have found about 14 meteors, a couple of airplanes and a couple of odd flashes so far.

Here is the best of the bunch (so far).

BTW: Do you prefer Tod or Charles (or something else)?


Wow Mike! Nice capture.

I left my V3 pointing straight up last night and captured a “late” meteor passing into the earth’s atmosphere with a bright flash. It actually triggered a Motion Event!

I’m still combing minute by minute “continuous motion” ! I blame Wyze for my new addiction.


WOW! That’s a ton of effort! Thanks for sharing the harvest of your hard work.

Good Grief! A friend sent me this tv clip today. Several other friends called to tell me about it!

I never expected to get credit but I thought the local weather guy might enjoy seeing a Leonid video.

He apparently did. I didn’t know the video was put on TV … but hey, WYZE is front and center, so in a way, I got Wyze some free publicity even though the name “Wyze” was never mentioned online. (Video starts out green but then clicks in). @WyzeGwendolyn


That’s awesome! At first they blocked the Wyze Logo with their own, so I thought it wouldn’t show…but then they dropped their logo and it clearly showed the video was captured on Wyze. That’s awesome that he used your name and talked about what a great capture it was! I like how he just took out the relevant selection and looped it so we could see it over and over again. Very cool.


That is so cool, Tod. Nice job! Wish I’d thought of that. Maybe I’ll send one of my clips over. :wink:

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I know what you mean by “addiction”. :rofl:

I found 2 more that are even better than the other on I posted. (But still not as cool as your “formation flight”)

I sent these over to the local Fox station and the chief meteorologist asked if he could use them in his broadcast tomorrow. I only asked that he let me know when so I can set the DVR. :grin: Thanks for the idea, Tod!


But no WYZE logo, soooo … no swag for you my friend! :wink:

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LOL Have to go “full screen” to see it my friend. The slide bar is covering it up.


You got me …

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Mike , A couple of nice captures! Looking at them never gets old!

I just was notified that my WYZE V3 camera “pre-order” had shipped … so I’m thinking about keeping one V3 permanently pointed to the sky! I imagine increasing numbers of Wyze users will be receiving their V3s shortly, so we’ll probably get lots of neat night time video captures!

Actually leaving a V3 pointed straight up 24/7/365 would be a real waste of the V3 camera … because all I would capture would be high flying blinking aircrafts and the occasionally satellite or space station dimly moving completely across over a several minute span.

But if Earth is ever attacked by aliens, I would be really disappointed if I missed recording that. Hmmmm.

If you can, post a clip of your meteor posts being on the news! Love the fact the WYZE logo was so prominent in mine (and hopefully yours)

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Thanks Tod. I am finally done with the clips from the 16th. Only 1200 to go. WHEW!

I asked the guy to let me know when he shows it and if I get it recorded, I’ll definitely post it.

I am still waiting for my V3s and headphones to ship. I keep seeing box opening posts from other people and just wish one of them was ME! :wink: My test V3 may become my permanent “eye to the sky” for another reason. I do have 4 on order and I’ll get a free one with the vacuum. That will give me a total of 6. Combined with my WCOs and the V2s I already have mounted in enclosures, I honestly don’t much more areas that need to be covered.

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