Leonid Meteor Passing into the Earth Atmosphere 11/18, captured on Wyze V3



Don’t worry about it. Post as many cool ones as you find. If someone isn’t interested it’s REALLY EASY for them to ignore and just skip the post. If it really matters that much to you, you could just name your next one something generic like “Night Sky Captures - Ongoing” or something, and just keep adding all your new ones into the same thread instead of a new thread. Then it’s easy for those who like them to subscribe to that thread by changing the alarm/notification setting to “Watching”…that’s an option.

Really though, they’re fine in different posts as different video events. Anyone who doesn’t like it can just ignore/skip it. :wink:


Hello, @todwatts

:comet:S P E C T A C U L A R !:comet:

Thank you for sharing your comet video(s).

No worries… post as many as you find on your nifty V3 Cam that you think are worthy to post. In the meantime, we’ll have the Wyze Community show their interest :ballot_box_with_check:.

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Thanks for the “vote” of confidence, ThreeTen!

But I’m not seeking the “limelight.” I was just lucky enough to win an early V3 during the Virtual Wyze Career Day even a few weeks ago.

I was notified today that my pre-order V3 has finally been shipped. That excites me, because I can’t wait to see what all the other V3 owners are able to capture with the V3.

I am absolutely floored at the vast improvement of this camera. The color night vision feature is absolutely mind-boggling.

And if you would have told me that I’d ever own a camera that captures meteor showers, I would have told you that you were dead wrong. Well, I was wrong. As soon as my pre-order arrives … I’m going to own multiple cameras that are capable of things I could only imagine I would ever have. Heck, I’m going to probably order more V3s!

I was fortunate to be the winner of an early V3. I just can’t wait to see what everyone else is able to do with this V3 camera! I’m still in a state of shock! It’s really remarkable.

So enough of my meteors … let’s see what you all can capture when you get yours!

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDongsheng


How did you do that cool voting poll in the forum?

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Hello, @carverofchoice

Click on the GEAR icon…



Thanks for casting your vote @carverofchoice :white_check_mark:

Hehehe… you’re welcome @todwatts.

Hmmm… I think your days of lurking-in-the-shadows have passed since you’ve sent the trio video to your local weather guy. Next, it’ll be national news and then the Paparazzi will be swarming your homestead :movie_camera:

You’ve definitely convinced me to purchase one of the V3 Cams for now to test-drive :nerd_face: Thanks!

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Huh, wow, thanks, I never clicked on that before, I thought it was just a normal settings icon for settings I wouldn’t care about (change color, etc). That is cool. The forum bot training never taught me that. :joy:

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No worries, you’re welcome @carverofchoice.

You’ll have to file a complaint with the forum :robot:.

@ThreeTen Wow! Two votes so far. Well, I guess I should be happy with that.

That’s two more votes than I got in high school when I ran for “Most Popular Student in Senior Class.”

Heck, I didn’t even vote for myself back then. I’m crawling back under my rock now.

Wonder if @WyzeGwendolyn cast a vote? I think @WyzeGwendolyn likes me … of course, it’s @WyzeGwendolyn’s job to like everyone!

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HA! You didn’t even vote for yourself?!?

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Heyyy… at least it’s two positive votes so, “Don’t Worry… Be Happy@todwatts.


Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Only time will tell if @WyzeGwendolyn will vote… my guess would be probably not as to remain impartial (but, she could surprise us) :grinning:.

Sorry, I’ve been massively behind and am trying to catch up around here. :sweat_smile:

I sent this link over to the team! I have a feeling we’ll be reaching out soon. :wink:

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Love this type of stuff! I’m going to keep 1 V3 pointed at the sky permanently here in AZ :slightly_smiling_face:.


That’s very cool – the new starlight sensor is sensitive enough to pick up a meteor AND a it’s Wyzecam, so it can notify you of the incident!

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@hemi and @Newshound. I can’t wait until 1000s of people have Wyze V3s pointed to the sky.

The “Captured On Wyze” section is going to explode with neat videos.

The color night vision is also amazing! If there is any ambient light, the V3 can record full color videos in the dark of night.

Combine that with the starlight vision feature, Wyze has a real winner on its hands!

I’m glad I was able to win an early V3 during the Wyze career days.

But I’m sure y’all will soon be posting many more cool videos. I’m looking forward to seeing them!


Yes, the V3 is a very impressive cam! I plan to replace almost anything looking into dark areas, lol. And since when can you look at stars with one? Nice.

You are right, the night vision is better on the V3, but why use it? It looks like it is still light out if you have any light out there at all. Sweet! :grin:


Wake-up @todwatts, this is no time for napping… @WyzeGwendolyn decided to go with option B to surprise us by casting-a-vote in the poll :ballot_box:

We’ve quadrupled the votes in a mere 2-days :astonished: (thud)… that’s nothing compared to the meteors age.

Much obliged @WyzeGwendolyn, you rest and recharge since it’s the weekend… I’ll keep trying to get @todwatts to open his eyes :eyes:

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Neat so cool

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No big deal