Is it reality🤔


That is really weird, it’s like it teleported. It’s moving fairly slowly. This is the frame just before everything lights up:

This is the next frame:

And this is where it says all the light is coming from:

It didn’t have enough time to move that closely that fast at the rate it was traveling.

Also, why are all the leaves flying straight at the camera instead of from the right to the left? :thinking: Is the light turning on unrelated/coincidence? And if so, why did it flash on and off so fast?

Not saying it’s not reality, just that it leaves me with some questions. How did it move that far and explode off to the right at that great of distance within 0.05-0.06 seconds (the frame rate at which these cameras record depending on the model).

No. It’s a composite from 3 different events. But I like it. :grin:


Oh, good catch! The dates change! I should’ve looked at the day of the date

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Good catch with the dates. If not for that I thought it could have been reality: a wonderful capture of a meteor streaking across the sky, a nearby light turning on at just the right moment (actually a little too soon) causing a big glare, then the camera adjusting to the light and picking up dust motes in the air lit up by the nearby light.

But the size of those dust motes… were those snowflakes on 2023-12-06?

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I love seeing the analytical breakdown of this video! Most people that I sent it to asked “why aren’t the trees on fire?” The shooting star capture is the intent of the camera that I have mounted on my roof. It’s always exciting to see them even if it’s just a recording. The flash of light is from my headlights hitting the trees when I pull into my drive way. The falling debris at the end is just some dead oak tree leaves falling on an exceptionally gusty night. Since the camera never moves it was easy to stitch the videos together. Other than that they haven’t been edited. I intentionally left the date stamps just to see how closely people were looking. Hopefully you guys had fun with it!