Captured a Lyrids meteor on first night of the shower event -- April 16th to April 25th

Get those Wyze V3 cameras with the nifty starlight sensors pointed up into the night sky the next couple of weeks or so.

I captured a Lyrids meteor on the first night of the event, April 16th. Peak is the night of April 21/22.

Would love to see what y’all capture!


I’m not capturing much as we near the Lyrids peak, thanks to clouds, rain and even snow one day.

Hopefully y’all are doing better and will post some neat meteor videos.

Tonight is the PEAK! Point those V3s up if you have fair skies tonight!

The skies did clear a bit this morning. Through a haze, I did capture a “faint” meteor.

Boy, they come and go quickly.

Look carefully at the very center of the screen and you will see it sail by.

I know. I know. Not very impressive … but the weather really isn’t cooperating with me!

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Same here, I set up a new V3 to mount on my roof and we have had rain, clouds, and snow for 3 days now. Your original post had me excited and mother nature just has not cooperated.

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I take solace in the fact that there is still a week or so left in the Lyrids … but rest assured that there are a lot of meteor showers through out the year.

Meteor Shower Calendar 2021-2022 - American Meteor Society (

I’ve had good luck capturing meteors since receiving my first V3.

Interestingly enough, I could have cared less about looking into the night sky … until I received a V3.

Now I keep one permanently pointing straight up into the night sky, capturing meteors, the International Space Center, various satellites and other interesting things that go bump in the night.


Now that the snow has left the area, I may put my SkyCam back outside tonight. :wink:

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Hi Mike!

I’m leaving my “Sky” V3 out, come snow, hell or high water.

It actually snowed two days ago here, but only accumulated about an inch and didn’t stick around long.

Lyrids are in the North, Northeast sky … not the best sky view for my set-up. Don’t fall off the ladder!

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All set up for clear skies tonight…

The Rig

The Rig’s view

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I got one!!! its like fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish: except I’m hooked. Bottom left. Like Miagison would say “Begginers Luck”… He who catch meteor with V3 camera, accomplish anything.

There are 2 objects in the video not sure what the one above it is… maybe one that didn’t enter the atmosphere?


The first one is a meteor for sure. I’m pretty sure the second is a jet. I’ve seen a couple hundred of those.

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Nice capture! You never forget your first! And yes, you quickly become addicted to the hunt! Keep up the good work!