Do you think the captures are aircraft or meterors

I ordered my v3 cam sometime ago, but I have no idea when it will finally show up.
Until then, I’m pointing my v2 to the sky. What’s your opinion of my two captures. Do you think they are aircraft or meteors?



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I believe those are low flying aircraft, they are just a little too consistent in brightness to be meteors and much too fast to be satellites or the international space station


Thank you for your input :slightly_smiling_face:


Meteors move much faster gone in a second. I agree these are aircraft flying by.


I agree that are aircraft. In the first video you can see the flashing wing lights just at it is moving out of frame.

Do you live near an airport or private airstrip by any chance?

@jonQ Have faith! A lot of my dark sky “captures” have been proven to be something other than I thought!

(One particularly professorial forum user is assigned to monitor my false claims full time, but that’s ok, I’m learning! And I’m joking! I really appreciate the support and knowledge other users have provided me!)

I hope you get your V3 soon!

But the thing to remember, most of these meteor showers are “annual” events.

The Leonids and Geminids meteor showers are over, but they’ll be back next year. (Although there might be a stray Geminid fly over the next couple of nights).

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on Dec. 21st will be able to be seen by the naked eye for those lucky enough to have clear skies in that direction. That sight only comes around every 400 or 800 years so that’s one all of us should watch!

The Quadranid Meteor shower will peak on Jan. 3 and 4th, 2021, but they, too, will be back in 2022.

There are other meteor showers scheduled for 2021. So I think we’ll have plenty of advance notice here, since so many users will be into watching the night sky with their V3s.

The International Space Station (ISS) usually comes around visibly every couple of days, some days brighter than others. Some days, the ISS flies by unseen by human (and V3) eyes.

And there are also thousands of Satellites that you’ll be able to capture when you do get your V3.

It’s neat you are trying with your V2. I know in the past, others V2 users have caught extremely bright meteors flashes … but that’s kind of rare, however, still possible.

Hope this helps!

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