If you have a V3 it's time to catch Lyrid Meteors at peak

So being your local neighborhood astronomer maven I figured I would share a quickly approaching meteor shower zenith.

Most of us have seen the videos of the V3 capabilities and meteors caught on such cameras :exploding_head:

Because it says if you’re in the northern hemisphere it’s a good time to get those v3s pointing toward the sky.

Here’s the info on them

And the radius point, where the meteors appear to originate from for the majority of them will be rising in the Northeast at around 11:00 p.m. starting tomorrow.

Good luck, I hope to see some pretty good captures in the upcoming days :slight_smile:

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Was ready but has been overcast with light rain expected through the weekend.
This is Southern California. While missing the Lyrid, still excided to see these rare clouds.

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Okay, but what settings are we using?! Motion Capture? Continuous recording? Auto/Off/On?!

Either night vision toggled on with the irs toggled off, or nv toggled off all together for the color at night. I had continuous record enabled, and motion camplus enabled. I also had a gopro running in night lapse mode. It’s pretty much the redundant department of redundancy here but I wanted to capture as much as I could.

I got snuffed out though. Between clouds and nothing happening in the sky that was visible to me, a few airplanes and maybe a satellite, but no falling rocks.

(Gopro not Wyze. :slight_smile: )

Hi. I am a little late to the party but ready to catch the satellite train. Great recommendations here on what camera settings for ideal capture. Going to try Night Vision IR Lights off and Night Vision Mode off and hope for the best.