Nice meteor last night


Really nice! It looks like you’ve adjusted the field of view of the camera a little.

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Thanks, I was glad I caught this one, it was a pity it continued out of shot.
I take the SD card out and download everything every few days, when I put the camera back it’s not always in exactly the same position.


Wow. That was a good one

More than likely a perseid.

Here’s the info on them if you’re interested :slight_smile: you might catch quite a few as the zenith is coming up soon


I’m excited about the Persids, hoping that the camera will pick up some good stuff, so far the skies have been clear so fingers crossed this continues.
I have been recording a time lapse at 3 second intervals each night which I then watch back at a slower speed using VLC player, this lets me watch a whole nights recording without looking at all the 1 minute recordings on the SD card.
It’s not perfect and I’m sure I miss some stuff but it’s way less time consuming.

You don’t want to use time lapse if you’re trying to record meteors. You want to use event recording versus continuous. If you use time lapse it’s only taking a single picture every third second.

Most meteors last less than that. But if you use is that recording only, you can use the cloud recordings especially if you have Cam plus with no cooldown to actually find any longer recordings if they are there. I had a friend who thought he caught a really large meteor only to be debunked by me later much to his sadness that what he caught was the setting Moon lol


I have been recording a time lapse every night for a while now, its not ideal but occasionally I will get lucky and catch a meteor. When I do see something I note the time and then check out the continuous recording. I still watch the one minute videos but it is very time consuming, I am still looking through videos recorded in June.
I did get a good cloud time lapse a while ago, I’ll try and find it and post the link.


Time lapse of events would be alot more useful!!!

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Nice! I haven’t been hanging on the forum lately. But always glad to see what others are catching.

Nothing but clouds and rain and wildfire haze here.

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