Collection of meteors and question about record quality

Here’s a YouTube collection of meteors captured by my Wyze Cam V3 during the first 2 weeks of August.

Celestial Fireworks

Now the question. There are a lot of compression artifacts in these videos that I don’t see in others’ nighttime videos. Is there a setting to improve record quality?

Edit: These videos were taken off the SD card, and not downloaded over the network. The SD card is one purchased from Wyze along with the camera.



You collect meteors? Wow :grin:

Wow! Nice collection of V3 meteor captures!! I’m jealous. I’ve had nothing but cloudy skies and often rain at night where I live!

I’ve been addicted to collecting meteor captures since I first got my V3 camera.

Your collection of bright fireballs puts mine to shame.

Keep up the good work! I love to see what others capture (and I am missing!)(Ha!)

Not sure what you mean by “artifacts,” but your screens look pretty typical to my captures (posted elsewhere here) … but non-the-less most impressive!

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Actually, I do have a piece of a meteorite… and it’s over 4.5 billion years old. Purchased from a real meteor collector.



Did you etch the meteorite or was it etched when you bought it? Nice Widmanstätten lines.

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@MostlyHarmless42: Regarding the artifacts, if you are talking about the dark splotches that pop up all over the video, I also see those in my videos, but have noticed that some other videos shared here don’t have nearly as many. I talked with one of those posters and the only difference we found was that I was using Standard Definition (SD) recording and they were using High Definition (HD) recording. Perhaps you are also using SD?

I bought it this way after hearing about this particular meteor type – the idea of owning a piece of something 20 million years older than the Earth fascinated me.

I understand… I used to keep a small meteor in my pocket all the time… When things at work got hectic, (I used to work in IT, prior to retirement), I would pull it out and look at it. That tends to ground one very quickly when it comes to hectic things around you…

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Ahhhh my people. Fellow meteorite collectors. :sunglasses:

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