More 2021 Lyrids

I just started reviewing my Lyrid videos from last month. I set up the camera on the 22nd and found 3 meteors. The camera is pointed to the north, so the top of the view is south. I think the second one is the best. It is right above the Wyze logo. If you go full screen, you will see the “tail” lingers for a long time on the very edge of the lower left side.
@todwatts. I still have 4 more nights of recordings to watch. So, it will take me a while to get through them all.


tenor (14)

Nice!!! #2 dang. Nice persistent trail.

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Nice Mike! My skies were cloudy most nights so really didn’t catch anything of note. Loved the fireball on the second meteor! Good job!

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As I continued to look through my clips from last month, I came across one the needs an official ruling from @Bam. It is hard to tell if it is a meteor or a jet. I am inclined to say meteor. I’d be interested in your 2 cents too, @todwatts

Watch the center of the screen and you’ll see a trail start and then see a couple bright bursts. It continues on for a bit, but did not stay visible for long.


I’m not sure either, Mike. I know that meteors can “skip” along the earth’s atmosphere. But I can’t say that’s what you captured.

Video Shows a Meteoroid Skipping off Earth’s Atmosphere - Universe Today

I don’t think it’s a plane. But interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Maybe a really bright satellite? Looks about the right speed for it. I am confused by the changing in brightness, weither that’s the object itself or the video artifacting doing that.

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