V3 Sleazy Promotion

Received an email from Wyze about a $17 V3 garage sale. Nothing on the website or the email said “refurbished” but that is what my order shows so I cancelled it.

Really sleazy.


Hello @WildBill these units should be new. We do have a white Cam v3 that is also on sale but that is on an entirely different listing and has the word refurbished in the title.

Based on your screenshot, it looks like you checked out with Buy with Prime. I will be looking into this issue with Amazon. Our new units should never connect to refurbished units. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Very unfortunate. I wanted to purchase a new black v3…now they’re sold out. Was just trying to replace an older, failed camera.


That’s what happens when you complain too much in the forum. :joy:


Checked the stock on the blow-out-blue one seven minutes after receiving the email - very very low (0). :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry for the overall situation. There have been a lot of lessons learned on my part with this sale and I appreciate the feedback that everyone shares. Sometimes it helps us learn of new bugs, see different perspectives, and other times it’s good ol human errors. I blame those errors on my lack of coffee though.

We do always appreciate the support and we’ll continue to improve.


Hi Veronica

Were there unit limits-per-customer in force? Just curious. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t surprised to find it sold out at that price.

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