V3 Pro - Does it support WPA3 WiFi security?

As some of you may know, I’ve been riding WYZE like a cheep mule to follow through with what they announced July of 2021 when it comes to WPA3 support for the V2 cams. They have since modified the release notes for that firmware version and quietly removed the fact that they once stated the V2 supports WPA3. For those not following along in the thread I started November of 2021, they are hoping to offer WPA3 support for the V2’s by the end of the year. I would not recommend anyone hold their breath. No word what so ever on if and when the original V3 will support WPA3.

So with all of that said, does anyone know if WYZE was wise enough to release their latest greatest camera with WPA3 support? I see WYZE continues to elude to their cameras being used as part of a security system. Hopefully that means their latest products support WiFi security that was officially ratified in 2018. My guess is that even their new camera does not support the 5-year old standard, which came out to fix HUGE holes in WPA2 security, which was officially ratified 18 years ago.

Are my suspicions spot on or does the new V3 pro support WPA3?

Wi-Fi Protected Access - Wikipedia

(Had to tag cam-v3 in this post since the cam-v3pro is not an option.)

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We will not know until the pro starts shipping in November and people start deploying it.

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Since Wyze has a history of making false claims and using false advertising pictures for their products and always has software issues, I wouldn’t hold my breath that his new camera will support WPA3.

Thank you both for your thoughts. I’m hopeful one of our forum mavens can get us a definitive answer well before the cameras ship.

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Can’t give you any answers on the V3Pro as I don’t have any…yet. I inquired, but haven’t heard anything.

But, my novice question as it pertains to router security settings with a mixed IoT home:

I have multiple ecosystems running. I recently changed my router to WPA2\WPA3 to test. My Wyze Cams appeared to be unaffected, but another ecosystem fell flat on its face… Incompatible with this setting.

If Wyze we’re to introduce a WPA3 cam, would it then be necessary to run multiple Wifi networks with security set for each security level of device?

If I switch my router to WPA3, all my other cams would be useless.

Is this able to be done on a single router using guest networks or are we looking at redundant hardware? Right now, my security setting has to be set for the weakest security IoT on my network… WPA

Thx in advance for the tutelage!

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  1. I would recommend reaching out to the vendor that is not able to handle the transitional mixed-mode security. WPA2/WPA3 Personal is considered the transitional security setting used for the exact scenario you described. If a vendor supports WPA2 and is not able to connect to a transitional mixed mode network, they are likely not fully adhering to the WPA2 standard. What other short cuts are vendors like these taking?

  2. If you own devices that can support WPA3 and have old devices that will not function with the transitional mixed-mode security setting, yes you will need to setup multiple wireless networks. If that is your scenario, I would completely skip using the transitional mixed-mode and configure (at least) two different wireless networks (SSIDs). One would be secured with WPA2 and the other would use WPA3. A single wifi router or access point can have this ability.

  3. When it comes to finding a wireless router or access point that supports multiple SSIDs, you’ll find nearly all SMB access points will fit the bill. Additionally, many of the new consumer class “mesh” systems also support multiple SSIDs. Most SMB hardware will support 8 or 16 different SSIDs.
    Most of the consumer mesh systems that I have read about support 3-4 SSIDs. Honestly, in this day and age, I would never put computers on the same WiFi (or wired) network as IoT devices and gaming consoles. We have seen first hand that IoT vendors DO NOT put security first. Don’t let any vendor fool you with their fancy marketing.

  4. Anything you own that only supports WPA security should be gifted to someone you do not like or destroyed and thrown in the trash.

I hope you find the above helpful and it didn’t confuse the issue that much more. It’s late and I’m tired…goodnight.

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