Need help determining if Wyze will offer what I am looking for

I currently have the Blink camera system setup around my home but in the last few months I have had some family and friends with the same Blink setup have issues with crooks using a DeAuth tool to attack the wifi to block the camera signals while they are breaking into vehicles or vandalizing the property. I have been looking into Wyze cameras to see if the “on-board” SD card will continue recording if I have one of these attacks around my house/neighborhood. I understand that I will probably not get an alert of things happening during the attach but I would like to be able to review the footage if I see something out of place or missing.
My questions are:
Will the wyze cameras record to the SD card during an attack and then reconnect to the network once the attack is over?
How well do the light socket adapters work and how will a DeAuth attack affect them?
I am looking at purchasing 3 cameras for use outside, 3 SD cards and 5 of the light socket adapters if the cameras will continue to record without wifi if there is a DeAuth attack in my neighborhood or at my house.

Thank you for your help, thoughts and comments.

As long as the cams can connect to the internet at startup, they will continue to record to the SD card even if something happens to disable the network. However, they may not always reconnect until you power cycle.

For the lamp socket, I’m not sure, do you just want it to turn on with motion?

You need WPA3 to prevent the deauth attacks, and one forum poster has been asking Wyze to fix this for a long time. None of the current Wyze cameras do it properly (even though the feature was advertised) and as far as we know so far, the new camera won’t either.

You may have to look elsewhere.

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I was looking to use the lamp sockets to power the cameras and then link a few together for motion and a few together for sunset to sunrise lighting.

I did read that WPA3 is the best option to prevent these attacks but as far as I can tell there are little to no wifi cameras that use WPA3 which is why I was looking to see if the Wyze cameras will continue to record if there is an attack in the wifi.

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Yes, recording to the local uSD card will indeed continue to take place during the de-authentication attack(s). However, keep in mind, you will not get a motion trigger event sent to the app during the de-auth attack(s). Thus you will be forced to go through the playback on the uSD manually to determine if and when something went down.

Unfortunately I am very familiar with de-authentication attacks and how they impact WYZE cameras. :frowning:

If your wireless router / access point has the ability to export logs to a Syslog server, the de-authentication attacks will be logged on that server. However, since you aren’t technical, configuring the syslog server could prove to be a bit of a challenge. In any case, the logs can hone you into the EXACT time you should be reviewing the recorded video on the uSD card.


Thank you for the info. I hope to never have an issue with the de-authentication attacks but I will feel a little better knowing that the cameras are still recording even though I will not have the alerts.