How can get wyze v3 to do this

I have 4 v3 cameras. Make them poe or not reliant on wifi. Local continous recording away from the cameras. But if it detects motion or better people sound I get noticed in email or text or app worse case. So not using their cloud. It stays off the internet unless it notices something then it access online to tell me. Live view whenever I want. Local recording wireless or a second recording wireless away from main because it’s apartment so easy no good place to hide unless it’s wireless backup or main

You cannot turn a wireless network device into a wired network device without adding an Ethernet adapter to that device. Did you not realize these are WiFi only cameras prior to purchasing them?

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My needs evolved but my budget did not. As I read i leaned more but now stuck with whaf i purchased. I can live with wifi but still need help with other issues.

  1. Wifi doesn’t offer PoE
  2. Cameras support local recording via uSD card only
  3. Use the app to setup the cam and the detection/notification rules you wish to use
  4. In order for cam to alert when motion is detected, it must be connected to wifi and internet at all times
  5. Live view is available via app as long as cam is connected to the internet
  6. Local recording is on uSD card within the cam only. There is no secondary location
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Yea, atm these cameras rely (as do most all smart cameras) heavily on servers for most functionality. The cam need a connection at startup, but if the internet goes down later on it will still record to the sd card. You won’t get notifications though. Wyze said in a recent AMA that they want to move towards more local control, but I doubt the current hardware will support it, as that will be much more resource intensive.

Thanks i knew all that. At the time i got it that was fine for me. But reading more was hoping i can get more from these

Maybe get a cheap 2.4 wireless hub and connect to that? Then connect that to your Ethernet?

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