PoE with external cameras?

Looking to set up some external cameras. Is the USB cable just for powering the cameras? Is the USB splitter to PoE ethernet just for power supply or can I feed the streams over ethernet?
I have a MacOS server & RAID I’d like to utilize for storage. Is this possible? If I can run ethernet to the cameras, I’d get an ethernet patch board & a PoE switch…

TIA :slight_smile:

The PoE is for Power only. I have that setup on mine currently. There is mention, and it is located somewhere in the forums, that an individual has created a Hack which runs from USB to allow for Ethernet as well. but that is not a supported setup

Thanks for the prompt reply :slight_smile:
I think I will opt for the WiFi cameras/doorbell. Does the feed protocol just go to iOS/Android devices or can I still get the feed on my server/PC for storage?


Wyze Cameras will feed to the cloud for AI interrogation. If you have Cam Plus you will be notified of person, pet, etc.

You cannot stream to a PC or local server for storage. However, most of the Cameras now support SD Cards for local storage, including the Doorbell v2.

I personally have Cam Plus for Cloud storage and rich notifications and have also put SD Cards in my Cameras for continuous recording for me to peruse when needed.

With that said, you can attach to a product like Tiny Cam Pro and stream your cameras from their. You may be able to record there as well, but not sure.